How to unlock the Bootloader of the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus

Bootloader of the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus
Bootloader of the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus

To successfully unlock the Bootloader of the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus :

* Backup your important stuff as unlocking the Bootloader wipes your data
* Enable USB Debugging on the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus (see
* Enable OEM Unlocking under Settings > Developer options
* Setup ADB and Fastboot on the PC (see
* Connect the phone to the PC via USB cord (while On)
* Launch ADB
* In ADB, run the following command (press Enter after the command)

adb devices

* ADB should detect the device. If ADB detects other devices but not the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus then it must be an ADB clash, see
* Once the device gets detected, boot it into Fastboot by running the following command (press Enter after the command)

adb reboot-bootloader

* The phone should now enter Fastboot (black screen with only fastboot written at the top or bottom)
* In Fastboot, run the following command (press Enter after the command)

fastboot oem unlock

* You should get a prompt on the device asking you to confirm Bootloader unlock, press the volume up button for Yes
* You should now get a success message
* Reboot the device by running the command below (press Enter after the command)

fastboot reboot

If you wish to root your Tecno Phantom 6 Plus after unlocking the Bootloader then follow the guide @

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A letter from T-Fans to Tecno

Hi Tecno,

I hope these greetings find you well.

We are proud to be associated with you. Being the leading Phone brand in Africa, we feel a sense of pride whenever we hook out our phones and use them.

Thank you for the fair-priced devices and also the HiOS. We have the best Cameras, best music players and the best specifications in the market.

However, in as much as we have these joys in our hearts, there are a few issues we would like to raise. If you have the concern and time, please listen.

Letter from t-fans to tecno

HiOS Updates
As a staunch follower of this Forum and other Social Media pages that you own, I have realized that people are having problems downloading and installing HiOS updates. Personally, my C9 would not download the updates and you said that we give you time to rectify.

I wonder how you could release an update without knowing if it would work with the target phone. People are still complaining all over the Forum over the same matter. Please release user-ready updates to reduce the agony and inconvenience.

We understand that the HiOS is still a new feature that is still undergoing testing. However, it has so many bugs that we wonder whether it was ready for consumption by the general public. The C9 and J8 have minimal bugs. For instance, mine kills the Facebook application without my consent. With other devices such as the L8 and C8, the bugs are so many. See for yourself in the Forum.

Please take your time to record the bugs and give us flawless OS. We are users but at this rate, we all feel like Beta Testers or developers.

New devices
The other concern that we have is that you release too many devices into the market. This is according to many users on Tecno Spot. I agree to the above because I had a C5. Before I could use it well, we had the C8. A few months later, the C9 was born. A few weeks later, we had the C7. At this rate, we are getting confused about which device to settle for.

Request: please allow time between the devices so we can fully enjoy them before the next one arrives. This will allow us time to enjoy them. Also, we will anxiously wait for the newer ones. Need I say that you risk saturating your market and losing value?

When you release the C9 King, everything was upgraded. Screen density, RAM, Processor, features, etc. However, you left out such a big feature which is taking away the reputation of the C9: Battery! We have a Tecno L8 which has minimal features but has a 5,000mAH battery. The C9 has a 3,000mAH one. It barely runs for 6 hours of internet or gaming.

What sense is there in having such a great device but always being afraid of using it because of the poor battery?

Similarly, the C8 freezes a lot upon installing the HiOS and tens of apps. Why upgrade a 1 GB RAM cellphone to Android 6 yet you know Android 6 requires at least 2GB of RAM?

Finally, I would like to ask about the C9. Mine is very genuine, but upon the use of internet or gaming even for 5 minutes, it heats up so badly. If you leave it to download stuff for 30 minutes, you cannot even touch the screen as it is extremely hot.

Does this only affect me?

Summarily, this is just a polite concern from us. This information is condensed from observations made in the forum. If you can, then listen to us. And do something. We are requesting for corrections to these issues rather than complaining and throwing tantrums.

We love being Tecno users.

Faithfully yours,

NB: Fellow fans, please freely agree or disagree to these claims. Also feel free to add any concerns that you may have towards improvement of our devices. We hope TECNO will listen to us.

Source: Tecno spot

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The Colors of the Tecno camon C7

Colors aside, the first thing that attracted me to the Camon C7 is the slim and curvy design, It’s so slim and the edges are beautifully crafted with metal so as to give it an appealing look and I must say the whole concept was on point.

Colors of the camon c7

I also like the way the speakers are placed

at the back of the device, there is space between the flat surface and the device, thanks to the curviness of the back.

It will allow one to enjoy music while the phone is placed on the table. I am a music freak. I hate phones that have their speakers placed at the back, it tends to distort the audio output, but this one is an exception.

Fashionable colours

The Tecno Camon C7 comes in four different colours, Rose gold, Champagne gold, elegant blue and the sandstone black. I have the sandstone black and I know many guys will prefer this colour too because it’s rugged and the same time very cool. I personally prefer this colour because of its sandstone textured. It will handle lots of rough usage, don’t think I am the rough type, I am not, and I just love it.
So let’s hear your opinion on which colour you will prefer among the different colour available

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Health Benefits Of Using The TECNO T-Band

I have heard lots of cool stories about the TECNO T-Band, but I have not have the privilege to use one until just recently when I got my Camon C9 along with the T-band, after an intensive usage of the T-band I learnt and also realise it’s not just for the fun of it, but it can be used to help keep you fit and also put your health in check.

health benefits of the t-band

So without wasting much time, I will be writing on the health benefits of using the TECNO T-Band

It is no longer news and definitely no doubt that inactivity can lead to a quite a good number of health and personal issues, and examples of these issues include weight gain, onset of chronic and acute illness and even low productivity in school, work and daily life.

And the only way we can prevent and even reverse some of these issues is by involving ourselves in constant activities like; running, walking, jogging and some other daily routine exercise which we can monitor using our TECNO T-Band

The TECNO T-Band is one of the popular ways we can keep track of our progress, all depending on the calories, caloric intake, distance travelled and even heart rate. While this TECNO T-Band might seem like a needless investment for some people, it has been probed otherwise as necessary and also essential in our day to day activity.

You may like to read more on the T-band

Here are few benefits of using the TECNO T-Band

Personal Accountability; if after going for a long run, walk or exercises and there is nothing to keep track of the distance you exercised or how far you went, then the only person you truly were in competition in was yourself. The TECNO T-Band tracks your goals and your progress, and then psychologically motivates you to do better than you did the previous time, which provides room for improvements and enable you get better and increasing your activity by 30%

Financial Motivation; Many models of fitness trackers are retail-priced at over $100. For many, that can be steep for a little band that wraps around your wrist and displays information most athletes don’t need to know to motivate them to workout. But this is part of that psychological encouragement. If you’re dropping the cash for it, you might as well use it your advantage.

Everything you need in one; Once you’ve determined what features you need for your fitness tracker, you’re all set and ready to go. There’s no need to open an app or worry about whether or not you have enough battery to have multiple apps open; the TECNO T-Band will automatically sync tracking activity via Bluetooth to your smart phone.

Monitoring Your Sleep; Back in the day, tracking the quality of your sleep meant sleeping in a lab with wires hooked up to you to determine whether you were in REM or NREM sleep; now the TECNO T-BAND can easily determine the quality of your sleep based on your movement during sleep. Sleep is an instrumental determinate in the quality of your health and lifestyle and ensuring you get at least 3 full cycles of sleep in a night is pivotal to maintaining the energy you need throughout your day while giving your brain ample time to store and process everything that’s happened in the day prior!

These are just but a few educative things I picked up while using the T-Band, you too can do the same and add to this list, but to keep fit and stay in check, you need to keep track of your daily activities, and you can’t do that without a wearable technology like the T-Band. what do you think?

Source; Tecno spot
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Download The Tecno spot app (apk)

T-Spot app has been released for several months. It was developed to provide a platform for TECNO consumers to help one another, solve daily problems, search for fresh and interesting ideas of applying technology, hold activities with awards,and find trivial beauties in everyday life.

Thanks to your enthusiastic feedback’s, our engineers have come up with the latest version of T-Spot. We hereby would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the admins, moderators and beta testers for your feedback’s and kind suggestions. We are always listening.

Tecno spot apk

Read: How to locate a tecno Online carlcare Now Near you

Any app has some drawbacks, and T-Spot is no exception. We will continue to improve and update it from time to time.
It is our commitment to develop a convenient and practical app that accommodates different tastes and well demonstrates your personalities.

The Tecno spot user interface
   Tecno Spot app- screenshot     Tecno Spot app- screenshot     Tecno Spot app- screenshot
   Tecno Spot- screenshot
   Tecno Spot- screenshot
   Tecno Spot app- screenshot

Where to download the Tecno spot app

Click the link below to try the latest version! If any queries, bugs, suggestions, please kindly drop your comments below this thread;
Download Now

PS: Download app, upload photo, and simply participate in Hi-Wallpaper contest !

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What do you think about the T-band



​Just 48 hours with the T-Band and am in love with this deviceProduct name: T-Band
Packing contents
T-band device
Charging cradle
Warranty cards

You may like:


When a call or message comes in you feel the gentle vibration of the T-band.. Isn’t that awesome!!!
With the T-band you never miss a thing by vibrating gently on your wrist when calls,messages or whatsapp notifications are activated on your device.

It also vibrate when you’re 10metres away from your phone, now you won’t leave your phone without knowing.


The T-band is fashionable and it is wearable 24/7..its water proof and design in a way to go with any clothing style.. Casual, Corporate or owanbeT-band
The T-band act as smart alarm and wake you up at the best sleep cycle… No more missing of lectures due to deep sleep.

The T-band also work as a remote control to take pictures on your Tecno smart phones with Android 6.0.

With T-band your social, fitness and physical activities is covered.
More to come…..

Source T-Spot
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Recovery Image for most Tecno devices

Here is the recovery image for most tecno devices.
Sometimes When We Flash ROMS On Our Android Phones We End Up bricking it. 

Recovery images for Tecno Android phones

All credits to ™hovatek for providing links to some of the files here. hovatek

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Recovery Image for Tecno N9 > Download N9
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno D3Download D3
 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno D5Download D5
 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno Phantom A+ (F7) Download Phantom A+(F7)
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno M3Download M3
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno S3Download S3
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno P5Download P5(Malicious, don’t download)
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno L3Download L3

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 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno M5Download M5
*Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno Q1Download Q1
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno S7 byDownload S7
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno P9Download P9
 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno M9 (A3)Download A3(M9)
 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno H5Download H5
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno N7Download N7
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno F5Download F5
 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno R7Download R7
 * Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno N3Download N3
* Clockworkmod Recovery Image for Tecno P3Download P3

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The First Live Pics of The CamonC9










* 404 PPI






Recommended: See Camon C9 in different colors


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Take a closer Look at HiOS, TECNO’s New Customised User Interface

TECNO’s HiOS,  the brands New Customised User Interface – Before now, it was difficult to distinguish TECNO devices from other generic android phones apart from the TECNO’s logo because they lack a unique user-interface that is peculiar to TECNO.
DroidPad 8D

In this review, I will be looking at the HIOS , features and the ease of customization because these are the features that make your 3000mAh battery last like a 5000mAh battery.

Streamlined UI

The HiOS is designed with practicality firmly in mind; HiOS’ icons are sleek, intuitive and instantly distinguishable. HiOS has a user-interface that has a clean look and it isn’t cluttered in anyway. The lock screen has a minimalist design and the same goes for the home screen.

For those who love to customize, there are different themes to choose from and I am sure that new ones will constantly be added.

The users will be able to customize the interface to suit their needs. A smarter and faster phone makes our life and business easier. After playing with the HiOS, I am impressed with what I saw, loads of online themes, fonts and wallpapers which are really beyond my imagination

The notification panel on the HIOS is more revamped and cleaner. Most of the useful apps are painstakingly arranged to remove space wastage. I particularly like the way the notification panel is customized for easy access to most apps. I can easily access the flashlight, screenshot and the battery saving app on the panel.

Hi Manager

The Hi manager is a system tool that manages the HIOS data, apps, system functionality and security. You can now increase the speed of your phone with a touch of a button thus eliminating the use of any 3rd party app that takes space and further slows your device. This saves you tonnes and tonnes of battery life.

Mobile Cleanup lets you free up space(probably residue from frequent app updates) on your device in one tap and there’s an Auto-start management section that lets you choose applications (like Facebook, WhatsApp) that start-up with your device.

New Browser built on Chromium Engine

Although a lot of people now choose between Opera Mini and Google Chrome, the new default browser on the device isn’t what it used to be. It’s redesigned and built on Chromium engine judging with the user agent we saw.

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Check out this exciting feature of the Tecno HIOS

Features of the Tecno HIOS – Did you know you can change the current music that you are playing or even pause without necessary opening your phone ?

you can do this on your idle screen once you turn on Micro intelligence(A feature of the HIOS )

Click image for larger version  Name: 2.PNG
Views: 1
Size: 330.4 KB
ID: 1204


Click image for larger version  Name: 1.PNG
Views: 1
Size: 288.0 KB
ID: 1203



Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20160428-133957.png
Views: 1
Size: 60.6 KB
ID: 1207



Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20160428-134021.png
Views: 2
Size: 32.1 KB
ID: 1211


Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20160428-134140.png
Views: 1
Size: 32.8 KB
ID: 1208


Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20160428-134208.png
Views: 1
Size: 22.0 KB
ID: 1209


Click image for larger version  Name: Screenshot_20160428-134217.png
Views: 2
Size: 22.7 KB
ID: 1210

HOW do you find this feature on the HIOS ?

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