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G-TiDE Mobile

Shenzhen G-TiDE Technology CO., Ltd (here in after referred to as G-TiDE Company)
was founded in 2007, with it's headquartered in China.

G-TiDE Mobile company is committed to marketing Chinese high-quality communication products around the world and creating more convenient happy life for the public.

Their products touching many lives in Hong Kong, Japan, the Americas, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions hrough globalization of services & logistics and providing fast and convenient services to over 100 countries and regions.

In Africa and Middle East, G-TiDE Mobile phones has been among the top 3 brands in this field and gained a high reputation and popularity.

The Company claim to have strong R&D and manufacturing capability. In response to the changing needs of customers, G-TiDE Company has independently developed mobile devices within the year. With high-quality, excellent performance, fashionable and competitively priced mobile phones

Latest G-TiDE Mobile phones

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