Tecno mobile Phones with prices

Latest list of Tecno Mobile Phones & Prices In Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya; Tecno Mobile phones are rated among the best andriod phones for low and medium income earner.
Making thousands of sales in every single release of phones launch in Africa market.

List Of All Tecno Android Phones

As mention above this huge patronage from the low-income earners is probably due to its cheap price and satisfactory services. If there is any mobile brand that has gained so much of its users’ attention in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, it is the Tecno android brand. In today article will be presenting to you a list of all major Tecno Android phones with their prices and specs in Nigeria accordingly.

Latest Tecno Phone and Price List in Nigeria

The table below show the price of tecno mobile phones as of the time of publishing this post. 
For today’s price you may check >>>
NumberTecno phones modelsPrices
1Tecno Camon 11 ProN75,000
2Tecno Camon 11N48,500
3Tecno Camon iAir2 plusN46,500
4Tecno Camon i2XN62,000
5TECNO Camon i2N52,000
6Tecno Camon iClick 2N67,500
7Tecno Camon iAceN34,000
8Tecno Camon I Sky 2N37,000
9Tecno Pop 1S ProN35,000
10Tecno Pop 1SN30,000
11Tecno Camon iTwinN60,000
12Tecno F2 LTEN30,399
13Tecno Spark 2 PlusN/A
14Tecno Spark 2N33,900
15Tecno Pouvoir 2 ProN50,000
16Tecno Camon IClickN69,000
17Tecno Pouvoir 2N42,500
18Tecno Camon I skyN42,000
19Tecno F3 Pro (POP 1 Pro)N23,800
20Tecno Spark CMN/A
21Tecno Pouvoir 1N30,999
22Tecno POP 1 (F3)N27,500
23Tecno F2N24,200
24Tecno F1N20,500
25Tecno Camon X ProN74,000
26Tecno Camon XN53,500
27Tecno Camon I AirN45,000
28Tecno Camon IN54,000
29Tecno Spark PRO 4G LTEN35,000
30Tecno WX3F LTEN29,000
31Tecno Camon CM (CMore)N43,000

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