​Just 48 hours with the T-Band and am in love with this deviceProduct name: T-Band
Packing contents
T-band device
Charging cradle
Warranty cards

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When a call or message comes in you feel the gentle vibration of the T-band.. Isn’t that awesome!!!
With the T-band you never miss a thing by vibrating gently on your wrist when calls,messages or whatsapp notifications are activated on your device.

It also vibrate when you’re 10metres away from your phone, now you won’t leave your phone without knowing.


The T-band is fashionable and it is wearable 24/7..its water proof and design in a way to go with any clothing style.. Casual, Corporate or owanbeT-band
The T-band act as smart alarm and wake you up at the best sleep cycle… No more missing of lectures due to deep sleep.

The T-band also work as a remote control to take pictures on your Tecno smart phones with Android 6.0.

With T-band your social, fitness and physical activities is covered.
More to come…..

Source T-Spot