Colors aside, the first thing that attracted me to the Camon C7 is the slim and curvy design, It’s so slim and the edges are beautifully crafted with metal so as to give it an appealing look and I must say the whole concept was on point.

Colors of the camon c7

I also like the way the speakers are placed
at the back of the device, there is space between the flat surface and the device, thanks to the curviness of the back.

It will allow one to enjoy music while the phone is placed on the table. I am a music freak. I hate phones that have their speakers placed at the back, it tends to distort the audio output, but this one is an exception.

Fashionable colours

The Tecno Camon C7 comes in four different colours, Rose gold, Champagne gold, elegant blue and the sandstone black. I have the sandstone black and I know many guys will prefer this colour too because it’s rugged and the same time very cool. I personally prefer this colour because of its sandstone textured. It will handle lots of rough usage, don’t think I am the rough type, I am not, and I just love it.
So let’s hear your opinion on which colour you will prefer among the different colour available