I have heard lots of cool stories about the TECNO T-Band, but I have not have the privilege to use one until just recently when I got my Camon C9 along with the T-band, after an intensive usage of the T-band I learnt and also realise it’s not just for the fun of it, but it can be used to help keep you fit and also put your health in check.

health benefits of the t-band

So without wasting much time, I will be writing on the health benefits of using the TECNO T-Band

It is no longer news and definitely no doubt that inactivity can lead to a quite a good number of health and personal issues, and examples of these issues include weight gain, onset of chronic and acute illness and even low productivity in school, work and daily life.

And the only way we can prevent and even reverse some of these issues is by involving ourselves in constant activities like; running, walking, jogging and some other daily routine exercise which we can monitor using our TECNO T-Band

The TECNO T-Band is one of the popular ways we can keep track of our progress, all depending on the calories, caloric intake, distance travelled and even heart rate. While this TECNO T-Band might seem like a needless investment for some people, it has been probed otherwise as necessary and also essential in our day to day activity.

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Here are few benefits of using the TECNO T-Band

Personal Accountability; if after going for a long run, walk or exercises and there is nothing to keep track of the distance you exercised or how far you went, then the only person you truly were in competition in was yourself. The TECNO T-Band tracks your goals and your progress, and then psychologically motivates you to do better than you did the previous time, which provides room for improvements and enable you get better and increasing your activity by 30{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403}

Financial Motivation; Many models of fitness trackers are retail-priced at over $100. For many, that can be steep for a little band that wraps around your wrist and displays information most athletes don’t need to know to motivate them to workout. But this is part of that psychological encouragement. If you’re dropping the cash for it, you might as well use it your advantage.

Everything you need in one; Once you’ve determined what features you need for your fitness tracker, you’re all set and ready to go. There’s no need to open an app or worry about whether or not you have enough battery to have multiple apps open; the TECNO T-Band will automatically sync tracking activity via Bluetooth to your smart phone.

Monitoring Your Sleep; Back in the day, tracking the quality of your sleep meant sleeping in a lab with wires hooked up to you to determine whether you were in REM or NREM sleep; now the TECNO T-BAND can easily determine the quality of your sleep based on your movement during sleep. Sleep is an instrumental determinate in the quality of your health and lifestyle and ensuring you get at least 3 full cycles of sleep in a night is pivotal to maintaining the energy you need throughout your day while giving your brain ample time to store and process everything that’s happened in the day prior!

These are just but a few educative things I picked up while using the T-Band, you too can do the same and add to this list, but to keep fit and stay in check, you need to keep track of your daily activities, and you can’t do that without a wearable technology like the T-Band. what do you think?

Source; Tecno spot