Hi Tecno,

I hope these greetings find you well.

We are proud to be associated with you. Being the leading Phone brand in Africa, we feel a sense of pride whenever we hook out our phones and use them.

Thank you for the fair-priced devices and also the HiOS. We have the best Cameras, best music players and the best specifications in the market.

However, in as much as we have these joys in our hearts, there are a few issues we would like to raise. If you have the concern and time, please listen.

Letter from t-fans to tecno

HiOS Updates
As a staunch follower of this Forum and other Social Media pages that you own, I have realized that people are having problems downloading and installing HiOS updates. Personally, my C9 would not download the updates and you said that we give you time to rectify.

I wonder how you could release an update without knowing if it would work with the target phone. People are still complaining all over the Forum over the same matter. Please release user-ready updates to reduce the agony and inconvenience.

We understand that the HiOS is still a new feature that is still undergoing testing. However, it has so many bugs that we wonder whether it was ready for consumption by the general public. The C9 and J8 have minimal bugs. For instance, mine kills the Facebook application without my consent. With other devices such as the L8 and C8, the bugs are so many. See for yourself in the Forum.

Please take your time to record the bugs and give us flawless OS. We are users but at this rate, we all feel like Beta Testers or developers.

New devices
The other concern that we have is that you release too many devices into the market. This is according to many users on Tecno Spot. I agree to the above because I had a C5. Before I could use it well, we had the C8. A few months later, the C9 was born. A few weeks later, we had the C7. At this rate, we are getting confused about which device to settle for.

Request: please allow time between the devices so we can fully enjoy them before the next one arrives. This will allow us time to enjoy them. Also, we will anxiously wait for the newer ones. Need I say that you risk saturating your market and losing value?

When you release the C9 King, everything was upgraded. Screen density, RAM, Processor, features, etc. However, you left out such a big feature which is taking away the reputation of the C9: Battery! We have a Tecno L8 which has minimal features but has a 5,000mAH battery. The C9 has a 3,000mAH one. It barely runs for 6 hours of internet or gaming.

What sense is there in having such a great device but always being afraid of using it because of the poor battery?

Similarly, the C8 freezes a lot upon installing the HiOS and tens of apps. Why upgrade a 1 GB RAM cellphone to Android 6 yet you know Android 6 requires at least 2GB of RAM?

Finally, I would like to ask about the C9. Mine is very genuine, but upon the use of internet or gaming even for 5 minutes, it heats up so badly. If you leave it to download stuff for 30 minutes, you cannot even touch the screen as it is extremely hot.

Does this only affect me?

Summarily, this is just a polite concern from us. This information is condensed from observations made in the forum. If you can, then listen to us. And do something. We are requesting for corrections to these issues rather than complaining and throwing tantrums.

We love being Tecno users.

Faithfully yours,

NB: Fellow fans, please freely agree or disagree to these claims. Also feel free to add any concerns that you may have towards improvement of our devices. We hope TECNO will listen to us.

Source: Tecno spot