All Tecno Stock ROMs / Firmware Download [Updated]

Tecno Firmware / Stock Roms and custom Roms, have You Bricked Your Device?
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Here's Good News . You can now download the stock roms for your device here.

We also provide tutorial on how to install these these roms on your device using the Sp flash tool full guide, you should also download the latest versions of the sp flash tool here.

I must give credit to Hovatek  for uploading some of these stock roms.

use the download links below

Tecno custom roms and firmwares

All Tecno Stock ROMs / Firmware Download [Updated]

Tecno Stock backups Download Links

Tecno A6 Phantom 6 (Tecno-A6-H551C1-M-170103V121)

Tecno Phantom A6S (Tecno-A6S-H551C1-M-KESF-160911V10 )

Tecno A7 Phantom Z (A7-G906-20150413)

Tecno A7 Phantom Z (MTK Backup)

Tecno A7 Phantom Z Variant 2 (Tecno-A7-G906-A1-KK-EG-20141111)

Tecno A7S (Tecno A7S-G906-B2-20140911)

Tecno B3 (MTK Backup)

Tecno C5 (Tecno-C5-H351-D1-L)

Tecno C7 (Tecno C7-H355A1-M-160705V9)

Tecno C8 Variant 1 (Tecno-C8-H352-A2-L)

Tecno C8 Variant 2 (Tecno C8-H352-A2-L-20151207)

Tecno C9 (Tecno C9-H535B1-M-160722V28)

Tecno C9 (Miracle Box Dump)

Tecno C9 3+32GB Plus / Pro (C9-H535-B1-Cl-M-161129V83) [Miracle Box Dump]

Tecno Camon CX Air / Tecno CX Air (MT6737)

Tecno Camon CX / Tecno CX _X688

Tecno CXS (CXS-H501D-N-KESF-170515V26 )
Tecno D1 Variant 1 (MTK Backup)

Tecno D1 Variant 2 (MTK Backup)

Tecno D3 (MTK Backup)

Tecno D5 variant 1 (MTK Backup)

Tecno D5 variant 2

Tecno D7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno D9

Tecno DP8D (PA02-A1-L-20160215)

Tecno F5 (MTK Backup)

Tecno F6 (MTK Backup)

Tecno F7 Phantom A 4.1 MT6577 (MTK Backup)
Part 1:

Part 2: Download the replacement files @

Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 MT6589 Variant 1 (MTK Backup)

Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 MT6589 Variant 2 (MTK Backup)

Tecno F8 Phantom A2 (MTK Backup)

Tecno G9 Phantom pad II (Tecno G9-T211-PIC-20140924) [Fixes charging issues]

Tecno H3 (Tecno-H3-G150-G1-KK)

Tecno H5 Old OS (MTK Backup)

Tecno H5 New OS (MTK Backup)

Tecno H5 New OS variant 2 (Tecno H5-UP09-20140610-MP)

Tecno H5 (MT6572_TECNO_H5__up09_tecno_h5__4.2.2__ALPS.JB3 )

Tecno H6 Variant 1

Tecno H6 Variant 2 (Tecno H6-G325-B2-KK-20150707)

Tecno H7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno H7 Plus (Tecno-H7_Plus_QP16)

Tecno H7S (Tecno-H7S_LTE-MQ16)

Tecno i3 (Tecno-i3-H375A1-N-IN-161221V28)

Tecno i3 Pro (Tecno-i3Pro-H375D1-N-IN-170222V48)

Tecno i5 Pro (Tecno i5 Pro-H379A1-N-IN-170314)

Tecno i7 (Tecno i7-H503A1-N-IN-170410V102)

Tecno J5 (MTK Backup)

Tecno J5 Variant 2 (Tecno-J5-H801-A1-L-SA-20151014)

Tecno J7 Variant 1 (Tecno-J7-G345-A1-KK-EG-20150425)

Tecno J7 Variant 2 (Tecno J7-G345-A1-KK-20150309)

Tecno J7 Variant 3 (Tecno J7-G345-A1-KK-RWA-MTN-R6-20150706)

Tecno Boom J8 (Tecno-J8-H354-C1-L-HiOS-20160310-MT6735)

Tecno L3 (MTK Backup)

Tecno L5 (Tecno L5-H802-A1-L-20151007)

Tecno L6 (MTK Backup)

Tecno L7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno L8 (Miracle Box Dump)

Tecno L8 Plus (Miracle Box Dump)

Tecno L9 Plus (Tecno-L9Plus-H8011A1-N-170411V289

Tecno M3 4.2 Old OS (MTK Backup) :

Tecno M3 4.2 New OS (MTK Backup)

Tecno M3 4.4 (Tecno M3-G130-H1-KK-20141201)

Tecno M3S (MTK Backup)

Tecno M5 4.2 (MTK Backup)

Tecno M6 (MTK Backup)

Tecno M6S (Tecno-M6S-G335-B1-KK-KE-SAFARICOM)

Tecno M7 Variant 1

Tecno M7 Variant 2 (MTK Backup)

Tecno M9 (MTK Backup)

Tecno N2

Tecno N2S

Tecno N2S (unlocked preloader.bin)

Tecno N3 (Stock Backup)

Tecno N5S (Multiport Download Tool) (Tecno-N5S-QL610-MB-L)

Tecno N7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno N8 Variant 1

Tecno N8 Variant 2

Tecno N8S (Tecno-N8S-H356B1-M-KESF-160727V31)

Tecno N9 Variant 1 (Tecno N9-A2000-20130926)

Tecno N9 Variant 2

Tecno Phantom 5 (Tecno-Phantom5-H531-B1-L)

Tecno Phantom 5S (Tecno-Phantom5S-H531-B1-L-KE-SAFARICOM)

Tecno P3 (Etisalat)

Tecno P3 (Stock Backup)

Tecno P5 Old OS (MTK Backup)

Tecno P5 New OS

Tecno P5 New OS Variant 1 (Tecno P5-G255-D-20141118)

Tecno P5 New OS Variant 2

Tecno P5 New OS Variant 3 (P5-G255-20141103)

Tecno P5 Plus (MTK Backup)

Tecno P5 Plus Variant 2 (Tecno P5 Plus G255KK-E1-20141011)

Tecno P5S
on hold

Tecno P6 (MTK Backup)

Tecno P6 (P6-G315-A1-KK-20141230)

Tecno P9 4.2 Variant 1 (Tecno P9 4.2 T101-S1223-JB)

Tecno P9 4.2 Variant 2 (MTK Backup)

Tecno p9 4.4 (P9-T102-20141103) [Fixes charging issues]

Tecno P9 4.4 (MTK Backup)

* Note: If you're having boot up issues then download lk.bin @ and copy it into the backup folder then repeat flashing

Tecno Q1 4.0 (MTK Backup)

Tecno R5 (MTK Backup)

Tecno R7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno R7 Variant 2 (Tecno-R7-G806-20141013)

Tecno S3 (MTK Backup)

Tecno S5 (MTK Backup)

Tecno S7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno S9 (MTK Backup)

Tecno S9 variant 2 (Tecno-S9-GP831-P1-20141103CS)

Tecno S9S (Tecno-S9S-GP831-CS)

Tecno T1

Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini Variant 1

Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini Variant 2 (Tecno PTM-Z-mini-G870-A1-KK-R6-20150429)

Tecno W1 (Tecno-W1-B40030G1-N-161230V4)

Tecno W2 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno W2-AW600B1-M-161103V15)

Tecno W3 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno W3-H806-A1-M-HiOS-20160612)

Tecno W3 (Tecno-W3-H806B1-M-EG-160721V8)

Tecno W3 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno-W3-H806A1-M-160901V46)

Tecno W3 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno-W3-H806A1-M-161230V103)

Tecno W4 (TECNO-W4-AW875A-A1-M-20160328)

Tecno W4 (W4-AW875A-A1-M-20160427)

Tecno W4 (Tecno W4-AW875A-A1-M-20160603)

Tecno W4 (Tecno-W4-AW875A1-M-160808V2)

Tecno W5 (Tecno W5-H373B1-M-160909V230)

Tecno W5 Lite (Tecno-W5 Lite-H8010A1-M-161014V147)

Tecno Y2 (Tecno Y2-H721-A2-KK-20151202)

Tecno Y2 (Tecno-Y2-H721-B2-KK-EG-20160707)

Tecno Y2 (Tecno-Y2-H721-B2-KK-EG-20151121_20160707_105322)

Tecno Y2 (Tecno Y2-H721B2-KK-EG-160722V1)

Tecno Y3 (MTK Backup)

Tecno Y3 Plus (Y3-PLUS-H721-A2-KK-TZ-TIGO-LOCK-20151107)

Tecno Y3S (Tecno-Y3S-G220-J1-KK-KE-SAFARICOM)

Tecno Y3S Plus (Tecno-Y3S_PLUS-H721-C2-KK-KE-SAFARICOM-20151116)

Tecno Y4 (MTK Backup)

Tecno Y5 (MTK Backup)

Tecno Y5S (Tecno-Y5S-G320-E1-KK-KE-SAFARICOM)

Tecno Y6 variant 1 (MTK Backup)

Tecno Y6 variant 2 (Tecno-Y6-G320-A1-KK)

Tecno 7C (Tecno-7C-P121-A1-L)

Tecno 7CS (Tecno-7CS-P121-B1-L-KE-Safaricom)

Tecno 7C Pro (Miracle Box Dump)

Tecno 7H (Tecno-7H-GP815)

Tecno 8H (Tecno-8H-GP930-ETH)

Thats all on Collection of Tecno stock ROMs / firmware Feel free to use the comment box if you have any queries.

How to factory reset your tecno smartphone

If you have lost your pin or pattern and you want to hard format your Tecno phone or reset it, then you are at the right place. 
NOTE: Resting or Formatting your Tecno device can also fix Google play store issues.
AGAIN, note that this will erase all your personal files, info and apps in the phone storage. You will only regain this if you earlier on backed up your phone on your local drive or Google account.

How to factory reset your tecno smartphone

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How to to unlock your Android phone without factory reset

Steps on How to to unlock your Android phone with factory reset

1. Switch off the device
2. Hold the POWER key together with at least the down volume key to power the phone and start the resetting process.
3. A command-like window with sometimes a green text appears.
4. Use the up/down volume keys to scroll screen and use the Power key to select.
5. Select WIPE DATA and the phone reboots after some few minutes to clear and reset your device memory.

If the above guide doesn’t work for your device, then we certainly must revisit point number (2) Note that this is because some Android versions like Gingerbread and Froyo 2.2 will not go with the typical Hard reset method outlined above. 
You can try this :
i. Power your device while simultaneously holding the Up and Down volume screen. Hold until blue screen appears.
ii. Some phones are so tricky, try this out yourself, try holding the up volume key or the down Volume key or both together with the power key until the blue screen comes up! There is really no one specified

NOTE: If your get stuck on the Factory reset protection Screen (FRP) use How To Bypass/Remove Factory Reset Protection On Tecno phone to get out of it.
Sharing is caring, cheers.

What is HotKnot and how to use it on Tecno smartphones

High end Tecno smartphones now come with the Hotknot feature which is a rarely used feature in our phones today largely because we may not know what it does. This technology allows the capacitive touchscreen on smartphones to interact, thus different types of data can be transferred
HotKnot is a connectivity option which is also based on near-field communication technology like NFC. However, in order for the technology to work well the smartphones must be placed in close proximity at least within 1 centimeter range. Once that
connection has been established between the two devices, then data can be exchanged.
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How to use Hotknot to share files

The first thing to note is you must have a HotKnot enabled smartphone and the smartphone you are about to pair with must have the same connectivity too. Then you should know how to switch HotKnot on and off.

Secondly, to enable HotKnot on your smartphone, swipe the screen down to access the quick settings panel and toggle HotKnot on or off. You can also go the long way by navigating
to Setting >All > HotKnot to switch on. A question comes up instantly saying “Allow data exchange when the screen Touches another device?”
Immediately you toggle HotKnot on, locate the file you want to share. Once you have spotted the file, look for the share button below or above the file you want to share. Once you tap the HotKnot share button, the final instruction comes up.
After clicking on the HotKnot share button, both smartphones are placed screen-to-screen to initiate the transfer and you would asked to accept transfer when the whole process is done. Both smartphones can finally be put apart after the transfer. The transfer speed is really superb.
What do you think of HotKnot, have you been using it before? Kindly share your thouhgt about this in the comment box bellow.
Kindly share this, there is love in sharing! Cheers

Tecno Y3 Full Specifications, Review and Price in Nigeria

 Tecno Y3 is a budget Android smartphone that was released by TECNO mobile. This Tecno phone offers impressive performance to most entry-level users with specs that include a bright 4-inch display, a dual-core processor and Android 4.4 (KitKat) software.

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Tecno Y3 picture, specs


The device display measures 4 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This means you get decent screen clarity with a pixel density of 233 pixels per inch on the Tecno Y3.

The IPS LCD touchscreen offers wide-angle viewing, making this device suitable to watch movies with friends. But the phone’s camera configuration is rather unexciting.

Tecno Y3 Specifications


Battery: 2020 mAh Li-lon
Sim: Dual mini SIM
Camera: 2MP
Processor Type: 1.0GHz dual-core
Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat
Ram: 512MB
Display Size: 4.0 inches, 480 x 800 pixels
Memory: 8GB


GPRS – up to 85.6 kbps
EDGE – up to 236.8 kbps
Up to 7.2 mbps uplink;
Up to 5.76 mbps downlink
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WIFI hotspot
Version 3.0
MicroUSB v2.0



Black, White                                                                                                                                                                                   


4.0 inches, 480 x 800 pixels, 233 pixels per inch
IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16,000,000 colors


2MP, up to 1600 x 1200-pixel-pictures, HDR, autofocus, panorama, Geo-tagging camera with LED flash
0.3MP up to 640 x 480-pixel pictures


Card slot
MicroSD, up to 32 GB
Android 4.4 KitKat
1.0GHz dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU, 
MediaTek MT6572 Chipset, Mali-400 GPU


Alert types
Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Audio port
3.5mm jack


2020 mAh Li-Ion battery
Talk time
Music play


SMS, IM, MMS,  Email, push mail                                                         
Accelerometer, Proximity
 – MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player 
-MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player 
 – FM Radio
– Predictive text input
– Document viewer

 – Image viewer/editor
– Voice memo/dial/command

Preloaded apps: facebook, Gmail,
, Calendar, flash share, Google Now Google Talk,             


Price level                                           
About 75 USD