Latest Infinix phones and prices in 2019

Latest Infinix phones and prices in 2019

Today, am sharing with you the latest Infinix phone 2019 and price list.
Of course 2019 has been a sumptuous year for Infinix mobility and one of their finest and best phones is the Infinix Note 5 Stylus, which is far better than Note 5.

I know you asking for the latest Infinix phones for this year so far, but the truth remains untold, as we are all retiring to the quarter of this year, The Infinix hot 6 x and Zero 6 Pro! Apart from this phones, others might be launched silently before the end of 2019

Infinix mobility is among the fastest and largest growing Smartphone industry in Africa, and Asia continents.
infinix mobile phones manifacturer is increasing becoming the best in the list. To keep that in order, they provide and deliver substantial devices!

List of all latest Infinix Phones in Nigeria (2019)

  1. Infinix Phones
  2. Infinix Hot 6X ₦55,000
  3. Infinix Note 5 Stylus
  4. Infinix Hot S3X N62,000
  5. Infinix Smart 2 N33,000
  6. Infinix Smart 2 Pro N42,000
  7. Infinix Note 5 N61,000
  8. Infinix Hot 6         N42,000
  9. Infinix Hot 6 Pro N60,000
  10. Infinix Hot S3 N60,000
  11. Infinix Zero 5 Pro N120,000

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