How to Block / Blacklist a number on Samsung Phones

In this article we will guide you in the few steps on how to block or blacklist a number for unwanted calls on Samsung mobile phones

    Block / Blacklist a number on Samsung Phones

    Most of you likely have Samsung phones, so you might be wondering how to block a phone number. Samsung is the biggest Android smartphone manufacturer, after all. Trying to get rid of those pesky callers? Let’s show you how.

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    1. Open the Phone app.
    2. Select which number you want to block and hit “More” (located on the top-right corner).
    3. Select “Add to Auto-Reject List.”
    4. To remove or make more edits, go to Settings — Call Settings — All Calls — Auto Reject..

    Find out how to block a number on your device.

    1. From the home screen tap Phone.
    2. Tap MORE.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap Call rejection.
    5. Tap Auto reject list.
    6. Enter the required number. Note: Alternatively you can tap LOG or CONTACTS to choose the contact(s) to be blocked.
    7. Tap the Add (+) icon.

    Using a number blocking app

    There are a variety of apps in the Play Store that can help you control the calls coming through to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, including:
    If you're still struggling with problem callers even after following the instructions above, try installing one of these apps.

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