How to blacklist / block unwanted calls on all iPhones

This post covers an easy steps to block/ blacklist unwanted number or calls in any iPhone

Blacklist unwanted call iphone

How to block numbers on an iPhone (iOS 7 or higher)

 To lock unwanted number iPhone with iOS 7 or higher is easy.

For instant if receive a call, hang up (or not answer), then decides to block the person’s number, and you will not be disturbed by that person in the future.

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Just go to your recent calls list (open the phone application and tap at the bottom of the Last tab). Click the “i” icon next to the unwanted number, scroll to the screen, and then tap Block this caller. Then confirm your decision. Calls, SMS or Face Time calls from this number will not bother you.

(When we tried an iPhone that was blocking us the call, we heard a ring and we were transferred to the O2 mail, where we have a message, but the iPhone does not ring or n is the number in its calls recent can not find to find, but it was not stored in the normal place, but locked in a special folder – and we were not informed that the message was left).

How to block a number on the iPhone

We did not want to be targeted by this deleted number, so we block it

You also have access to the app settings and scroll to the Phone section. Press Lock and Call Number to view your blocked call list. Tap Block contact and select other numbers to lock your contact list. (However, you must add the annoying caller to your contact list for this method to work.)

How do you unblock the numbers?

If you want to unlock the phone number, follow this steps.
Go to Settings> Phone> Lock & Login and click Edit. Tap the red circle next to the blocked number you want to unlock. A red unlock button is displayed. Touch it.

To block a number on the iPhone

Otherwise – and more convenient if you have to change immediately after the block configuration – just click again on the “call block” after the “i” icon (next to a current number becomes “unlocking the calling “when you lock them).


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