How to Easily Remove / bypass Factory Reset Protection on (MTK) Tecno Devices

In this article you will learn  how to easily remove/bypass  factory reset protection on (MTK) Tecno Phones.


    Factory reset protection(FRP) becomes frustrating when you dont know the account that was previously synchronized with the device.

    To save you all this stress whenever you want to do a factory reset

     Navigate to Settings > Accounts and delete / sign out of the Google account associated with the device

    factory reset

     Factory Reset Protection on (MTK) Tecno devices 

    The methods below will show you how to easily remove/bypass this factory reset protection on (MTK) Tecno devices.
    Method 1: Setup selection
     During setup (using the setup wizard), do not connect to a Wi-Fi network. Also, untick “Protect this device

    Method 2: For this method, All you need is just a Miracle Box and MTK 65xx drivers

    Download Miracle Box v2.27 from here
    Download and install MTK 65xx drivers from here

     Launch Miracle Box
     Under MTK tab click Unlock/Fix
     Click Clear Settings/Frp
     Click Start button
     When the backup flash pop up appears, SelectNO
     Connect the device to PC
     Miracle Box will detect the device and start the process
     When you see Done!, the process is complete
     Disconnect and reboot phone

     First boot after this process takes a bit longer than normal, so be patient and wait for it to boot completely.



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