How To Block / Blacklist A Number On Your Tecno Mobile Phone

In this article i will teach you the simplest method to block calls and SMS from specific numbers on  Tecno Android phones

    simplest method to block calls and SMS from specific numbers on  Tecno Android phones

    Previously I published a post on "How To Block / Blacklist A Number On Your infinix Phone".

     Now, we are doing the same on Tecno smartphones.

    Of course, there are many third-party applications that you can use to block numbers with ease. although using too much apps on phone slow than the processing speed.

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    Block Numbers From Calls Using Truecaller App

    Truecaller app  is simple to use
    if you want to Block a number from your call log, launch the truecaller app

    Tap on the number you’d like to Block under the call log menu

    Tap on the block option

    And it’s done.

    How to Unblock Phone Numbers Using Truecaller App

    Simply follow same steps above till you get to the block option.

    This time, unblock will be displayed.

    Simply hit the unblock button.

    Block numbers via call history

    This may be the easiest way to block numbers on any Android smartphone. By default, each Android phone has the call log. Not just Android, every phone on the market, including iPhone, Blackberry and others.

    To block calls or numbers on Tecno phones via the Call History menu, follow these steps:

    1. Tap on the Call icon to prevent the recent call history
    2. On the number or contact you’d like to block, tap on the question mark icon.
    3. Next, tap on the more option
    4. Select block.

    Block unwanted calls in 3 easy easy In some Andriod phones:

    1. In the Contacts app, find the person and tap edit.
    2. In Android 5.0, tap the menu (three dots) in the top right.
    3. Select “All calls to voicemail” and SAVE.
    4. In other versions of Android, scroll down to additional info.

    For Marshmallow, Go into the phone app, click on the 3 dotted line, choose settings, go to call blocking, then choose Add Numbers to add the number/contact you want to block.

    Follow the onscreen instruction and choose to block the number.
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    It was easy, right? To unblock, follow the same procedure. Or, go over to the harassment session. The step 1 above overs how to get their on your tecno phone. Therein, you will find the blocked number. Simply tap the unblock option. It’s really that simple.

    There you have it. Blocking calls and text messages from specific numbers on Tecno Android phones is that easy. Got questions? Feel free to ask.

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