Gionee Pioneer P2 Specifications and Prices

Gionee Pioneer P2 Specifications, Reviews, Pictures, Price, where to buy and all you need to know about Gionee Pioneer P2

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Gionee Pioneer P2 

Gionee Pioneer P2 is a smartphone that has received a lot of attention and recommendations since its release in 2013. The Pioneer P2 is slightly more expensive than its predecessors and offers a decent list of functions, whose price is taken into account. With a solid, well-built design, surprisingly good performance and good battery life, Gionee Pioneer P2 is an excellent device. If you are looking for a budget phone, this smartphone is worth considering. Gionee P5 Mini is a new member of the Pioneer P series.

Gionee Pioneer P2 picture

If you hold the Gionee Pioneer P2 in your hand, you will feel how compact and compact it is. Its beautiful finish makes it very comfortable to grab and of course it is out of the question to slip out of the hand. With only a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, it’s really impressive and the bright colors are a plus. For some people, the screen seems too small, but the quality of the screen will compensate for all your worries.

Despite the handset budget, it offers a very good performance. Equipped with 4.2 (Jelly Bean) applications with 1.3 GHz dual core processor and 512 MB RAM Gionee Pioneer P2 works better than any other device with the same price. The high end games are amazing to play without delay, which will make you rather surprised.

One of the disappointing points of the Gionee Pioneer P2 is the quality of the camera. It’s a 2 megapixel camera, but not impressive. Daytime images are blurry because there is no autofocus. The colors are a little dark and the appearance of the images is not identical to that of the original. However, compared to other camera phones in its price range, it’s pretty good. Gionee Pioneer P2 also has a front camera.

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Gionee Pioneer P2 Specifications and Prices

Gionee Pioneer P2 Price and availability

Gionee Pioneer P2 is available in Nigeria. You can buy leading online stores in Nigeria as well as local phone stores in your area. The price of Gionee Pioneer P2 in Nigeria ranges from N16,500 to N19,000, depending on your location.


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