All The Things You Need to Know About Xpen And Infinix Note 4 Pro

Infinix Note 4 Pro has received the royal treatment from Infinix, who gave it the Xpen, as opposed to Note 4. True to the word of Napoleon, this pen is really powerful.

So that anyone can take notes on the street or needs his device for graphic images, the Xpen is very appealing. However, other users will find that the Pro version for daily tasks is actually overdone.

Xpen And Infinix Note 4 Pro


Infinix Note 4 was the subject of the first criticism of his hardware. It seemed critics that the new phone kept most of the same Infinix Note 3 specifications that may be annoying for those of us who want the latest gadgets.

Note 4 Pro, however, lives in its own class in terms of specifications; It has 100{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} more internal memory than its base model and 50{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} more RAM. For Pro versions with a 4500 mAh battery compared to 4,400 mAh from Note 4, users enjoy greater autonomy.

The pro versions retain the touch 4 speed charging technology, which is charged with 45{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} load after only 30 minutes.

From a material point of view, the Grade 4 Pro really seems to be an upgrade.

Xpen And Infinix Note 4 Pro


In contrast to the basic model, the 4 Pro comes with a nice metal body, which gives the first critics a “premium” feeling. Note 4 Users should be satisfied with a glass screen on the back of the phone instead of the more modern design.

Customers upgrading to the Pro version will also see significant pressure on their new device. The Xpen needs docking support to save the pen, which makes the overall size larger than some regular customers.

Although the Xpen case is important, users have indicated that they can still use the device with one hand.


What is the purpose of a phone that you can not hire? With Note 4 Pro, users can customize their new device with new color options. Champagne gold, black sandstone, Prussian blue and downy gray.

The Note 4 Pro also allows much larger memory. Users can upgrade from a minimum of 3GB of RAM to a 32GB version and add up to 128GB of additional storage with a microSD memory card.

The new Infinix design also has two SIM slots (micro) and a microSD slot for more customization. With the fingerprint scanner you also have quick access to your phone with a swipe (the specified access time is less than 1/2 second).

The Pro version also offers Bluetooth 4.2 users, a micro-USB, a dual-band WI-FI and a 4G LTE.


As mentioned earlier, the difference between Infinix Note 4 and its big brother, the Pro, is the pencil. Infinix has synchronized its writing with the implementation of Xpens.

After the first photos, the Xpen seems to be very responsive, unlike the first offerings of Styli for mobile phones. Users can make notes in different colors by using different ink settings to change the width and shape of the pen and of course enter the wiper mode to correct errors.

The Xpen can be used to take notes, edit pictures, or draw pictures according to the user’s priorities.

The Good

Infinix Note 4 Pro is a powerful tool. More memory, longer battery life and of course the Xpen are the highlights of the device. Users who need a powerful mobile device will not be disappointed.

The bad

The Xpen demands that the Pro get a pretty important problem, which means that in a world where every device gets smaller and smaller, users have to live with a large and old-fashioned phone.


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