T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand

JUMP! On Demand 

JUMP! On Demand™ lets you upgrade to a new device whenever you want.

This article covers the following;

  • How it works 
  • Amid an active lease 
  • End of Lease 
  • Canceling your lease 
  • Abundance wear 
  • Different things you should know 

How it works 

JUMP! On Demand is accessible through our retail stores for new initiations and updates, and in addition through T-Mobile Customer Service for redesigns.

When you join, you go into a 18-month assention, which gives you the choice to move up to another gadget, up to 3 times, in a moving 12-month term.

Your regularly scheduled installments, and the aggregate sum you pay amid the whole lease assention, will rely on upon your credit endorsement, the gadget and plan you pick, and any charges and government expenses.

Any gadget leased through JUMP! On Demand is possessed by T-Mobile.

Handset insurance 

Premium Handset Protection (PHP) is excluded with JUMP! On Demand, yet we suggest you include PHP (or another insurance) within 14 days of joining. Connecticut clients are required to get handset insurance.

In case you’re as of now on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) 

On the off chance that you want to exchange your present gadget and you’re as of now making EIP installments on it, you can even now do the switch to JUMP! On Demand. To do as such, we’ll initially need to perceive the amount of an exchange credit you’ll get for your gadget. On the off chance that there’s a balance still owed after the credit is connected, quite recently pay off the rest of agreeing to accept JUMP! On Demand

Qualified gadgets 

The vast majority of the most recent gadgets are qualified, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, LG G5, and more. Contact T-Mobile client administration or visit a T-Mobile store to check whether the gadget you want is qualified.

Amid an active lease 

On the off chance that you presently have an active lease, you have a few alternatives:

Update the gadget: You can move up to another gadget, up to three circumstances in a moving 12-month time frame. The update must be to an alternate model or memory estimate and your present, qualified gadget must be in great condition. Visit one of our retail stores to overhaul today.

Buy the gadget: You can end your lease early and buy the leased gadget whenever for the sum indicated in your lease understanding. You should make remaining lease installments and pay the last buy sum. To do this, contact T-Mobile client administration or visit one of our retail stores.

Cancel your lease: Read more about canceling your lease advance underneath.

End of Lease 

Around 60 days earlier, you’ll begin to get updates that your lease for the gadget is consummation soon. These messages will be sent by email and content, and you’ll likewise discover them on your bill. As your lease closes, you’ll have the capacity to pick one of the accompanying alternatives:

Redesign the gadget: The overhaul must be of an alternate model or memory estimate. To play out an update, visit one of our retail stores.

Buy the gadget: You can buy the gadget for the measure of outstanding portions, the buy alternative cost determined in your lease assention, and assessments. You can make the buy in one singular amount, or you can utilize our Purchase Option Installment Plan (POIP), which is a no-intrigue, 9-month portion plan. For more data, go to https://explore.t-mobile.com/JOD-overhaul.

Hand over the gadget and end the lease: If there are no more portions left, you can hand over the leased gadget in great condition (see what’s viewed as abundance wear promote beneath). To do this, you’ll have to go perfectly Mobile retail store.

Canceling your lease 

In the event that you want to end your lease early, you’ll have to visit a T-Mobile retail store to hand over the gadget in great condition and finish the procedure. Remember that any residual lease installments will be expected at the store when you hand over the gadget.

Abundance wear 

On the off chance that you give back a gadget to T-Mobile that exhibits abundance wear and utilize, you’ll be charged for that item. Overabundance wear and utilize is past the minor wear sensibly anticipated that would come about because of standard, ordinary utilize, for example, a broke or generally harmed show; harm created by introduction to fluid; inability to appropriately control on; material adjustments to its equipment or software; or inability to expel or debilitate any anti-burglary or comparative components from an item, for example, Find My iPhone.

Different things you should know 

Here are a couple of more things to consider when participating in JUMP! On Demand.

The following are NOT eligible for the JUMP! On Demand program:

  • Accessory purchases
  • Pay in Advance (Prepaid) plans
  • If you have a Simple Choice No Credit Check (SCNC) plan
  • If you have an open Extended Payment Schedule (EPS)
  • If you have a foreign billing address, including Puerto Rico, as well as military addresses outside the US (such as APOs, FPOs, APs, etc.)

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