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Tips On How To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating in 2017 – Is your smartphone always getting hot when in use? Are you worried about how your smartphone get overheated Overheating is one of the major problem smartphone users face nowadays and there are many tips available online for preventing and limiting this heating effect but am here to add more interesting tips that would help you fix this.

Overheating is caused by many factors including poor processing power, wrong phone charger, environmental temperature, type of applications installed, low memory, playing heavy games and lots more.

Though in most cases overheating is a hardware issue, we have other commonly neglected activities that makes our phones gets much hotter. More details bellow.

Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating - 2017

How To Prevent Your Android Phone From Overheating

1. Remove The Case
Almost all smartphones come with a Phone case or cover and these cases usually covers the phone vent areas thereby making the phone overheat. So by removing the phone cover when charging or using heavy apps, it will go a long way in keeping the phone cool.

2. Place The Phone on a Hard Surface
Just like laptop and other similar electronics devices, keeping them on a soft surface like bed, rug or sofa while charging makes them absorb heat thereby causing overheating but when you keep them on a smooth hard surface like table, air will be going out and entering without much restrictions.

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3. Avoid Over Charging
Although latest phones now comes with electrical charging circuits that disengages the power supply to the phone as soon as it’s fully charged to avoid overcharging effects. But if you are using older smartphones that doesn’t have this feature, i will advise you to avoid overcharging or overnight charging in order to prevent Overheating of your smartphone.
Overcharging can also result to decoration of your phone battery life span and in the worst case scenario, an explosion. So avoid it.

5. Avoid Using Your Phone Often in a Hot Environment
Have you noticed that your phone battery drains faster during the sunny dry season than during the raining season? Yes that’s a fact and the reason for that is not far-fetched. Your phone gets hotter in a sunny day so you can try limiting usage of your phone in such conditions. Avoid keeping the phone directly facing sun light. It’s risky and also affects the phone’s lifespan negatively.

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6. Don’t Use Fake Chargers and Batteries
Some third-party fake chargers and batteries too are responsible for heating up of smartphones. Not only batteries, but chargers with conflicting wattage rating can heat up the smartphones to some extent.

4. Limit Apps That Works In Background
Some apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Map, Twitter, Instagram etc works in background without you knowing. This apps not only slows down your phone performance, drains battery but they are also huge culprit to overheating of smartphones.
This is more noticed on phones with lower memory space and RAM size. So make sure you always kill these apps if you notice hotness when using your phone. You can use “greenify app” to achieve this automatically.

7. Uninstall Heavy Games and App
If your smartphone is one of the average phones with little memory and RAM, you can do yourself a favor by uninstalling all those big games and apps that have taken lots of space on your device.

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8. Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth
When not in use, the best thing is to turn off all the connectivity options on your phone especially WiFi and Bluetooth as they not only drains battery but causes heating in some extent.

Finally, To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating in future you need a smartphone with better and faster processor, improved memory space and bigger RAM.
Making the features above available on your next phone can go a long way in fixing this overheating issues.

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