How to perform a T-Mobile JUMP! upgrade

JUMP!™ gives you the freedom to upgrade your phone when you want, not when you're told, without hassle, and with no restrictions.

JUMP! would be better:

If you're on a Simple Choice Plan.
If you're using our Equipment Installment Plan to pay for your phone over time.
If you want to upgrade when you want.
If you'd like Personal Handset Protection and Mobile Security for your phone.
SCORE! would be better:

How to perform a JUMP! upgrade

Learn how to perform a JUMP!™ upgrade. JUMP! gives you the freedom to upgrade your phone when you want, not when you're told. T-Mobile will pay the remaining balance on your Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), up to half of your original device purchase price. Any remaining EIP balance not covered by us will need to be paid by you at the time of the upgrade.

JUMP! upgrades can only be done at a T-Mobile retail store or through My T-Mobile (T-Mobile Customer Service cannot perform JUMP! upgrades).

To complete a JUMP! upgrade, visit a T-Mobile retail store, or follow these My T-Mobile steps:

Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
Click SHOP near the top of the page.
Click the START NOW button. If you don't see this button, a JUMP! upgrade isn't available for you at this time.
After you click START NOW, a pop-up opens. Click UPGRADE WITH JUMP!
On the Select your device page, click the device you'd like to upgrade to, and follow the instructions to complete the JUMP! upgrade.

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