The Latest 1105 Tecno Boom J8 update is here (Nov-2016) 19

The latest 1105 Tecno boom J8 update is out see here, If you are yet to receive this update we have provided a link below for you to download, below are the update details including fixed bugs.

BoomJ8 Update details:

1. Merged the latest GPRS parameters
2. Added PHX Browser
3. Added waves sound effect to headset
4. Added Aha

Fixed Bugs:
1. Fixed the issue where screen turned black under some frame rate when taking videos in Skype and Facebook.
2. Optimized the effect of rear camera.
3. Fixed the issue where the focusing was occasionally slow when shifting the phone during video taking.
4. Fixed the issue came from Kenya feedback where parts of bookmarks in Opera Mini were unable to connect.
5. Fixed other issues.

Download The Latest 1105 Tecno Boom J8 update (Nov-2016)


  1. Hello !
    I'm having trouble with my Boom J8 and updating my HiOS:
    the OS can't seem to update properly, everytime I download the last update I have an error message telling me "Package error, check the update and retry", which I did countless times. I sould maybe mention that I also have trouble using the SD card, seeing photos taken and else. I have no idea why because the card is properly functionnal on any other devices. The phone detect and can acces the card but some files may be corrupted.
    My theory is that the lastest package is downloaded on the SD, for the local cache lack space, and then the phone tries to unzip the package on the SD card but can't read anything on it so it fails.
    The current version of my HiOS is 1.0.0, because I haven't been able to update the OS since I bought the phone.
    Please, I hope you can help me !

    1. You have to install the update manualy

      Try the update above.

  2. Hello Admin,
    i can't find the download package it say " 404 We can’t find what you’re looking for " this error message is from dropbox, i suppose that's the link address where the download was kept, but it seems to have been moved. here is the link:…

    Please correct ASAP

    1. The link has been updated sir

      you can check it now. Thanks

  3. I've been trying to download the update but it stops at 300+ mb and says i don't have permission to access this file. Please check link and correct

  4. Hello… tried to download from the link but it stops at 300+ mb and says i don't have permission to access this file. Please check link and verify… Thanks

  5. After updating manually, will my data(app) be erased

  6. Upload link to another online storage other than dropbox b'se download stack 900+ mb. I tried 3 times both fails there, please upload to google drive.

    1. i just checked, the link is very okay sir

  7. Hello Admin!
    Good day!
    I have downloaded the update and successfully installed it manually to my j8 but after the update, my j8 no longer shows the Orange color on the top and bottom navigation bars when it is in battery saver mode.

    1. I guess thats part of the update sir

  8. Ok! To be honest, I really think the battery saver mode with the Orange bars before is kind of cool, now battery saver has became boring after this update!

    1. Please bear with us sir

  9. …what about the android update too to marshmallow

    1. No news on that yet sir

  10. Hi, please is the update mentioned above the Android Marshmallow update for Tecno J8 and is the link still valid? Please a swift response would be deeply appreciated as I plan on purchasing one very soon.

  11. What should I do after downloading the file? Just don't know what to do please help will appreciate

    1. You have to flash it to your J8 using the SP Flash Tool

      On our Site, Search For ….How to use the Sp Flash tool….

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