Tecno W5 Unboxing Video & Pictures

TECNO W4  has finally has a successor named Tecno W5, and from the information available to us, there are two variants of the Tecno W5.

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Two variants for the W5

W5 Lite and W5 itself are the two variants of Tecno W5. This W5 comes with 4G internet connection and fingerprint scanner which are the only noticeable differences between the two devices. If you never have the chance to see the phone, I present to you an unboxing Video and first impression of the TECNO W5 above.

Tecno W5 unboxing

Tecno W5 Picture

The Mobile Phone is housed in a white box with gold inscriptions around. I must say that the box is much more revamped than what we are used to when it comes to packing from TECNO. It’s very light which means that the phone inside will be light too.

Tecno w5 unboxing picture

When you unwrap the box, you are immediately presented with the device inside. It bears so much resemblance with its predecessor; the W4.
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In a bit to see other items inside the pack, I removed the phone and underneath, you will find the usual suspects which are

Tecno w5 unboxing pictures

  • The wall adapter charger
  • The USB cable
  • The 3.5mm headphone
  • And a smart pouch

Tecno W5 picture

As usual with Tecno Mobile everything you need has been provided in the box. So there won’t be need to buy earphone and pouch because those are things many phone makers don’t normally include in their package.


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