How to root your Tecno W3 – Step by step guide 19

How to root your Tecno W3

Rooting your Tecno W3 will be a very simple thing to do if you follow the step by step guide provided in this post. The Tecno W3  runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow one of androids latest OS, Rooting the 6.0 marshmallow is not an easy thing to do because of google google latest security upgrades, all thanks to hovatek though for making this possible

Requirements to root Tecno W3

▪Download and install VCOM drivers on your PC see – Here

▪A SuperSU.Zip file – Here


Download TWRP for Tecno W3 ported by Team Hovatek  See Here

TWRP for Tecno W3-H806A1-M-161230V103 ported by Team Hovatek  See Here

TWRP for Tecno W3-H806A1-M-170204V109 ported by Team Hovatek  See Here

TWRP for Tecno W3-H806A1-M-170222V112 ported by Team Hovatek  See Here

▪Download Sp flash tool –Here

How to Root Tecno W3 

1. Copy the you just downloaded  to both the phone’s SD card and internal storage

2. Now switch off the phone

3. Next flash the TWRP recovery.img to the phone using this SP Flash tool guide

4. Boot the phone into recovery mode using Volume up button + Power button

5. If you get a prompt asking you to swipe to allow TWRP modify the system partition then go ahead and swipe. To swipe, place your finger on the green circle then slide it to the right

6. In TWRP recovery, tap Install

7. Navigate to the location of the and select it

8. Swipe to confirm flashing of and wait till flashing is complete

9. Reboot the phone normally

You can confirm Root access by installing and running Root Checker. That’s all on how to root Tecno W3, I hope it works for you.

Merry Christmas 


  1. what an impressive write up you got here.

    However,I have issues with copying files from my tecno w3 to my laptop and vice versa.

    Anytime I try to copy with USB cable, only the internal storage pops up on my laptop.

    Kindly assist with a guide on how to improve this for many to learn.


    1. I am afraid i cant provide a guide on this since i haven't had the experience before.

      But i would advice you take your phone to the nearest Tecno Carl care or Tecno shop and lay your complaint to them. Thanks

  2. How do I root my tecno w2 and also upgrade it?
    1. Currently we dont have the root procedure for the tecno w2

  3. Yea! This article was very helpful. It also have a special way of rooting it even on

    Wow[ helpful!

  4. Nice, the only problem I am encountering is that my system isn't detecting my phone.
    I have installed the USB driver and I see that there's a problem cause the trouble shoot icon appears on it
    You know the yellow triangle
    �� and ! Caution.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled yet nothing.

    It tells me code 10, think it says not found.

    1. Check your USB cable and USB port.

  5. My cable is fine the port okey
    Let me ask, when installing the driver should my phone be connected. Because I have used more than one PC to try the process but the same thing still happens

    And the message was that the system could *not start code 10*

    1. *When installing the driver, your phone should not be connected

      *Check this on google..How to Fix Code 10 Errors…hope it helps

      1. And please just to check if other things are well in place.

        where do I download TWRP recovery.img to, phone or PC?

        For the do flash tool.
        After loading the scatter.txt
        What is needed to be selected
        Firmware +download
        Firmware upgrade or
        Download only.

        2) after loadingvthe scatter.txt
        The recovery is then marked with its location acquired
        But the preloader
        User and the rest are not marked.

        Is there a problem with that or am I to acquire there locations manually or leave them that way?

        If manually then how?

        1. 1.) Select download mode only

          2.) You are flashing the recovery, so only the recovery needs to be marked.

          Leave them that way.

  6. Thanks.
    But you didn't tell me where to place my twrp recovery.img
    Phone or PC or both
    As in should I download it to my phone or PC?

    1. Place it in a folder on your PC

  7. Thanks alot for your help,
    As it is I have everything in place. It's just that;
    CODE 10 out of my way!

  8. Great success today
    I got my w3 rooted
    But seriously how do I now begin to tweak it
    To look like I want

  9. After iput the recovery TWRP file and reboot with volume and power, it shows like a bluescreen version of windows: a white screen with squares or lines. Clearly crushed. Now i put it again to normal state from my backup. Seems like this is not meant for my tecnho W3 build number W3-H806A1-M-170204V109 model.

  10. Sir I tried to download the TWRP but its said file not found pls I need it

    1. I just updated the links Sir, So try again.


  11. How can I do it without PC ?

    Signature : Root tecno W3

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