Latest Boom J8 OTA Update Problem Fixed

It is with joy that I announce to ALL Boom J8 users that the latest update on Boom J8 is ready and has now being fixed!

Apologies for the many troubles we all experienced.

All you need to do is this

Delete the package from the SD Card

Then Go to Menu ====>>>>System Update and

Update to Download the new package

Cheers fam

Latest Boom J8 OTA Update Problem Fixed
Latest Boom J8 OTA Update Problem Fixed



  1. Anonymous

    Hello Franklin, thank you for the info.
    Pls my J8 wouldn't come on. What could possibly the issue? It fell off my hand hit the ground but was still on till about 1hr after when it just shut down. Pls advise.

  2. David

    Sorry about that

    My advice is that you take your j8 to a carlcare center near you.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello.. Pls do you know if and when Techno J8 Boom will upgraded to marshmallow..With the lollipop I can't save apps to the SD card. Thank you

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