Tecno Phantom 6 benchmark result 5

The Geek benchmark resullts for the Tecno phantom 6, The Tecno phantom 6 was tested on performance and battery life, the results will suprise you.


With 3GB RAM and Helio X20 powering the Phantom 6, you can expect a more than stellar performance!
Below, are the screenshots of GEEK BENCH results of the phantom 6 based on performance and battery life and they are very very impressive!

Tecno Phantom 6 benchmark result

Tecno Phantom 6 benchmark result

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The Phantom 6 has a 2700mAh battery, and just by reading that, you might think that this means the Phantom 6 would barely last you through the day but shock on you!
The battery of the Phantom 6 can last you through out the entire day, well depending on how much you use your phone. I am heavy to moderate user and there is no day that I felt like I had to slow down my usage so as to conserve battery power, further more, we have fast charge capabilities and from my testing, you can charge this beauty from zero to 80% in just 30 minutes.
Below are screenshots of my battery usage on a typical day.

Tecno Phantom 6 benchmark result

Tecno Phantom 6 benchmark result

What do you think of these results? Are you impressed or do you think Tecno would have done better?



  1. hi Franklin Odinaka can i get your line…i mean your whatsapp line…please i want you to work on a site for me…it a deal my number is +233270473874 i am from Ghana

    1. SURE.


  2. I'm way impressed. Shows that my Tecno can compare with any other popular brands. And it proves that Tecno as a brand is improving.

  3. Screen on time says 3 hours 54 minutes. Thats not cool, you barely touched the phone in 12 hours….2016 phones have a benchmark of surpassing 5 hrs(screen on time). The battery is small, results pove it. But at least its better than the infinix zero 4 which has a 3000 mah battery. Tecno has improved a great deal.

    1. Your on point Selorm(y)

      Kudos to Tecno.

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