Tecno Camon C9 Camera Review

This article covers Tecno Camon C9 Camera review, for full Specs and Reviews you may visit Tecno Camon C9 Specs

Tecno Camon c9 camera is the smartphone for selfie lovers and those who treasure capturing memorable moments, objects and events. Techno mobile is giving its customers a chance to invest in an excellent and magnificent camera phone or at least that was the marketing message.

Tecno Camon C9

Tecno Camon C9 as the name imply is a camera smartphone which is second to none , Both of its cameras are 13MP the back camera is supported by a dual flash the front camera has also a soft flash which makes it possible to take beautiful selfies at night camon c9 front soft flash does not irritate or harm the eyes since unlike the dual flash at the back it produces more soft light.

Tecno C9 Cmera

Tecno C9 Front Camera

The front camera is supported by a 15 lux, soft and natural light well hidden in an invisible design

The camera spotted different options; guidelines to show newbies how to use the camera, option to turn shutter sound on and off, holding off capture, adjust picture size, add location to your pictures, take shots by giving the two finger gesture(it didn’t work for me) and an options that turns the selfie side of your device into an actual mirror.

Even at Night camon c9 is the king

Tecno Camon C9 13MP front camera has an 83°wide angle camera which takes a wider view. Its 5P lens reflects true colors and takes a more vivid world. New technology has been used to improve image quality.

Tecno Camon C9 picture

The wide angle front camera allows a 120°panoramic view and shoots 10 people together, no need for cropping for Instagram.This device was design in a way that it helps to capture group selfies since everybody fits in and no one is cropped or left out


Unlike the Camon c8 the Front Camera in the Tecno Camon 9 is Centered this allows for Better vivid and natural Selfies

The camera’s sensitive area is 15{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} wider than that on iPhone 6s Plus and 35{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} than Samsung S6 edge in addition the Camon C9 has quick snap which allows the user to capture photos with the 0.1 second high speed focus

Tecno C9 back camera

Here is a photo captured by the Tecno Camon c9 of a car moving in high speed notice the photo is not blurry thanks to the 0.1 second High speed focus
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Tecno C9 view

Compared to Tecno Camon C8, Camon C9 has one more lens, filters 50{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} more parasitic light
and obtains 16{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} improvement in color reproduction.

Tecno C9

This device enhances photos automatically and creates professional retouched images. Tecno C9  still comes with a beautification concept which is dubbed as the “Beauty Plus”which allows the user to apply makeup which i will discuss later


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