How to Cancel & Get Out of a T-Mobile Contract without Paying

This post cover 5 steps to cancel t-mobile contract without paying the early termination fee as usual

5 Ways to Get Out of a T-Mobile Contract

1. Prove You Don’t Have Service at Home or at Your Office

here you have to prove to the that You Don’t Have Service at Home or at Your Office, but ought to remember that t-mobile have a detailed map showing their service zone.
but it is possible that the level of service you recieve in you area is not up to their claim

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2. Cite Their Change in Your Contract

If their changes in their term and con dition that dont suite you. like change that is “materially adverse” to you, you have the right to terminate your contract without a fee. As their term and condition review that paragraph five

3. Roam4. Trade Plans

As it is written in Paragraph 17 of the contract that they may terminate your service if, over a three-month period, at least 50{0256fcfd3815e25de0bfd211c74144d15c227f25a3ad6deccf1cbc66bd88f403} of your usage is roaming.

5. Take Them to Court

You may be unsuccessful in convincing T-Mobile representatives that you don’t have good service or that they adversely changed your contract without adequate notification.

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