25 Mobile Phone Apps for Engineers

Here are 25 Engineering apps to use on your tecno mobile phone and other android devices. 

With technology constantly changing, many people have grown a little more than attached to their mobile devices. In an age when smart phones and tablets have become the one-stop-shop for communication and entertainment, people are also increasingly using them to accomplish work-related tasks with a simple swipe of the finger.

Consider this scenario: You are in the field and you need to obtain the mechanical properties for a given geometric section. If you had a laptop, you would boot it, launch a program, and get the results in a couple of minutes. Instead, you take out your smartphone and launch an app. The app takes between one and two seconds to launch and has the specific options you need to quickly complete this task. You just saved a few minutes to solve a simple problem with just the tap of a finger.

tecno Mobile Phone Apps

The computing power, ease-of-use, and convenience of unmatched portability are the key reasons why thousands of smartphone users download apps on their phones daily. “A mobile app is in a broader sense a software program, but it’s more dedicated and task-oriented than an intensive app for a computer,” says Mike Barone, senior design engineer for Hamilton Sundstrand, a division of UTC.

“Apps are specific and fit in perfectly with the tasks engineers do daily,” says Barone. There are several apps available for electrical and civil engineers, but there aren’t as many for mechanical engineers. According to Barone, “The demand is there but it’s unrecognized yet.”

Mobile Phone Apps 

To download any of this apps just clink on it 
  1.  iEngineer
  2. HVAC Professional
  3.  iCircuit
  4.  LuxCalc Fluid Prop
  5. Graphing Calculator 
  6.  Mechanical engineer
  7. Engineering Professional  
  8.  Engineering Unit Conversion 
  9.  FingerCAD
  10. TurboViewerX 
  11. AutoCAD 360 
  12. Mech Ref
  13. Nastran Mobile 
  14.  Smart tools HD
  15. MC Simulator
  16. WorkflowMax 
  17. Xero Touch
  18. Evernote
  19. Google Drive
  20.  Skype  
  21.  Receipt Bank
  22. Truss Me
  23.  Link!
  24. Tinkerbox 
  25. LinkedIin pulse

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