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This article is a complete guide to vodafone phone insurance, a must read before embarking on any mobile phone insurance packages.

Vodafone Mobile Phone Insurance

As technology increases mobile phone application increase which make it difficult to move around without your phone or tablet. But could you afford to replace or repair it if it was lost or damaged?

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Good news, Vodafone Cover me Mobile Insurance is a monthly renewable insurance policy that can help protect you against the cost of replacing or repairing your phone or tablet.

This mobile phone insurance offers broad protection and provides cover in the event of theft, loss or damage when you are on the move anywhere in Australia or travelling temporarily overseas on holidays or for business.

If you’re searching for online Vodofone mobile phone insurance?
Are you a resident in the UK?

If YES, then make sure that you arrive their UK website, if not you could find yourself reading about Vodofone mobile phone insurance as applied to Europe rather than the UK.
Not that Vodofone website is difficult to understand, but considering how big Vodofone company is in European terms. And, being such a big company in the mobile phone business means that there are some great offers available in Vodofone mobile phone insurance, with the price you pay being relative to the value of your handset.
Vodofone offers mobile phone insurance to private individuals and business users, so first here’s what’s on offer to individual users.
What Vodofone mobile phone insurance covers
vodafone insurance

No matter how much you pay for your Vodofone mobile phone insurance – Everybody have the same level of cover in all respects except for the excess you are likely to pay when filing vodafone insurance claim. Both theft and loss of your mobile phone are covered as too is both accidental and malicious damage to your phone.

Vodafone Phone Insurance Coverage in Australia

Vodafone Cover me Mobile Insurance offers a broad range of cover in the event of theft, loss or damage to your phone or tablet.

Vodafone Mobile Insurance will help protect you by providing cover for:

  • The replacement or repair of a phone or tablet up to the value of $2000 (incl GST & less applicable excess) in the event of damage, loss or theft
  • Up to $100 towards replacing or repairing accessories that are purchased with an insured phone or tablet if they are damaged, lost or stolen
  • The reimbursement of up to $500 for unauthorised call costs incurred while your device is lost or stolen
  • Up to $300 towards a phone if you need to hire or buy a temporary replacement while you’re away overseas

And this cover applies whether you’re in Australia or travelling temporarily overseas on holidays or business.
Note the above coverage for those in Australia

Vodafone Mobile Phone Insurance Coverage in UK

Vodafone Covered protects you with either:

Cover in the UK against loss, theft, damage and breakdown. Plus worldwide cover outside of the UK for periods up to 30 days
Cover in the UK against damage and breakdown. Plus worldwide cover outside of the UK for periods up to 30 days
Vodofone phone insurance package gets you cover for 30 days whilst abroad and includes insurance for other Vodofone accessories up to the value of £200, if stolen, lost or damaged in the same incident as that which your phone is being claimed for.

Vodafone Phone Insurance Claim

To make a claim for loss or theft of your Vodofone handset you must first contact the police and report it lost/stolen and any malicious damage of your phone to the police within 48 hours, The you can contact Vodofone for the incident giving them the details of your dealings with the police as well.
Whether you are abroad or not, you must file your vodafone insurance claim within a maximum of 7 days from the incident occurring.

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When it comes to claiming for a damaged phone, Vodofone insurance will arrange for you to be loaned another Vodofone handset whilst yours is being repaired. When there is a need for phone replacement, due to either  theft, loss, or damage it will be despatched to you within 24 hours of your claim being processed.

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