Sprint Phone Insurance

Sprint offers mobile phone insurance package know as ‘Sprint Total Equipment Protection’. This article cover detailed review on sprint insurance

Sprint Insurance (Total Equipment Protection) offers the most comprehensive protection for your device while protecting your wallet.
It combines both the Equipment Replacement program and the Equipment Service and Repair Program.

So even though you may spend just a few hundred dollars or less on a new device with a contract, you could spend the full retail price of up to $849.99 to replace a new device if yours is damaged, lost, stolen,  or  malfunctions.

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Sprint Insurance

sprint insurance or Sprint Total Equipment Protection is an insurance coverage against unforseen loss, theft and if your phone breaks, stops working or gets wet. Some times you save hundreds on a replacement device and get it the next day. Sprint Phone Repairs are performed at select repair locations, including Sprint repair centers.

Sprint Protect Mobile App

Sprint now offers the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App to Sprint and Nextel customers. Sprint’s protection plan goes beyond a simple replacement policy, by developing a useful application that can assist you if something happens to your phone.
With this app, if you misplace your phone, you can activate the app’s tracking feature and pinpoint the phone’s exact location to facilitate recovery.
The coverage is optional and can be canceled at any time.

The Sprint Protect mobile app provides Sprint Total Equipment Protection (TEP) and Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus) customers access to all the benefits of their protection service.  Free users can access mobile device recovery and contact backup features.

Locate Your Lost Phone

This application will enhance you in locating your  phone using GPS and remotely lock or erase a lost phone to protect personal information. it is very simple restore your content to a replacement device, so your data is always safe—even if your device isn’t.

Automatic Data Backup

How do you feel when you know that your phone’s contacts, photos and videos are secure by simple setting of automatic backup.

Built-In Security

This another great features to guard your smartphone against viruses, protect your privacy, and optimize your battery.

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Access to Tech Expert Support

sprint insurance customers care. Just a click connects you with a live, U.S.-based Tech Expert Customer Support for premium help with any question you can think of.

Note that this Sprint Protect mobile app requires a compatible device with Sprint wireless service.  Also free version of the app with limited features is also available.  The Sprint Protect app is provided by Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.

Sprint Insurance Policies

Here are some basic insurance policies which apply as well. sprint will repair damage or replace the phone.

Sprint insurance deductile

Sprint insurance deductible ranges from $50 or $100, depending on the cost of the phone covered. The Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan can help people who have a knack for damaging or misplacing phones.

The mobile app plan costs $8 a month. Customers can also purchase the Equipment Replacement Plan and the Equipment Service and Repair Plan separately. Note that Sprint customers must activate their sprint insurance plan within 30 days of purchasing a new plan or activating a phone.

Sprint Total Protection Plan Advantages

Phone Recovery Tools:  That is through the app
Security Features:          You can remotely erase your personal information if your device is lost or stolen.
Data Synchronization.    If you cannot recover your phone, your data will be reset to a new phone.
Service and Repair.         Customers can bring phones in for repair to one of Sprint’s 1,300 service and repair locations.
Replacement Policy.       If you accidentally lose or destroy your phone, your phone will be replaced. Customers can file claims online and the replacement phone typically arrives within one business day. Customers can submit up to three claims for replacement phones in a 12-month period.


Cost:            The two-year cost for this service, $192, might equal the discounted price of a new phone, or mitigate the cost of a new phone when your contract comes up for renewal.
Used Phones May Be a Better Replacement Option:      New phones quickly begin to depreciate. If you lose or destroy your cell phone, you may purchase a used phone for less than the combined price of the plan’s premiums and deductibles. Before buying this policy, consider that alternative.
Deductible:           With a $100 non-refundable deductible applied to some claims, you still have a lot to lose if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. The $100 deductible applies to most of the smartphones provided by Sprint.
No Upgrades:           when you file a claim for a replacement phone, you will definitely receive the same type of phone, even if newer models are available. Although the replace phone may be new or refurbished.
Security Can Be Defeated: Criminals can bypass safety and security measures by removing the battery, and selling the device overseas, outside of Sprint’s reception area.

All Insurance policies are not designed to save customers money are designed to provide customers with peace of mind.

Do you use the Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan? If so, have you ever filed a claim?


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