How to find your lost tecno phone with the T-band

Tecno T-Band the Phone Finder

The T-Band is helpful in case you misplace your phone because you can trace wherever the phone is. You just have to press the T-Band’s main button for three seconds. The phone will vibrate heavily and ring (if not in silent mode) to notify you where it is.
The T-Band will also notify you whenever your phone is 10 meters away from you to keep it within your reach all time and secure. It also functions the reverse way, in that the smartphone can notify you (with Ringing or vibration) if your T-Band is out of range, which even makes it easier to detect where your smartphone is immediately, because notification will be turned on both on your smartphone and your Smart band.

How to find your lost tecno phone with the T-band
There are many more amazing things you can do with the T-band which we have published in a post, we have also detailed a guide on how to use the T-band ….check out the post below

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