How to boot all MTK/Tecno and Infinix phones into Recovery Mode

How to boot into Recovery Mode on an MTK/Tecno, Infinix phone

Note The steps to boot into recovery mode work on all tecno phones it also works on other MTK devices

How to boot all MTK/Tecno phones into Recovery Mode

For better results, Follow the steps below strictly 

1. Switch off the phone.
2. Press volume increase/up and don’t release.
3. Press power button and keep holding down both buttons.
4. Don’t release till you enter recovery mode which will either show
clockworkmod or an Android robot lying on his back.

Check out these Phones From the (Y) series

Tecno Y6
Tecno Y5 
Tecno Y4
Tecno Y3
Tecno Y2

For Tecno N3, P3 follow the instructions below

1. Press and keep holding Volume increase button
2. Press and keep holding Menu (you should now be holding 2 buttons)
3. Press and keep holding Power button (you should now be holding 3 buttons)
4. Keep holding all till the phone enters recovery mode


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