This article covers a detailed guide to AT&T Insurance, we bring to your notice all the three insurance packages offer by AT&T to it customers, as Replacing a lost or damaged device can be expensive.


AT&T Mobile Insurance

  • AT&T provides customers with a pretty comprehensive insurance plan that Provides protection against loss, theft, physical and liquid damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions for your AT&T eligible mobile device for $7.99/month per enrolled mobile number.
  • Coverage for up to two claims within any 12 consecutive months.

 AT&T Mobile Protection Pack

AT&T Mobile Protection pack provides you all the insurance coverage in the standard AT&T Mobile Insurance plan, as well as an extra layer of protection and features, which are as follows;
  • Comprehensive protection with AT&T Mobile Insurance, 
  • Expert technical assistance from the U.S.-based ProTech2 support team; You will have access to AT&T ProTech support via the AT&T Protect Plus app. Technological experts are there to help through this app for troubleshooting order to rectify your problems.
  • and the Protect Plus app for your eligible mobile device on an AT&T postpaid wireless plan for $10.99/ month per enrolled mobile number. AT&T Protect Plus app includes cloud backup for your photos, videos and contacts over the AT&T network or Wi-Fi
  •  Coverage for up to two claims within any 12 consecutive months.

AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack

AT&T Multi-Device Protection is a full-on insurance plan that includes everything included in the AT&T Mobile Protection Plan and extends it to cover up to three eligible devices, which may or may not associated with your AT&T account. Meaning that you get insurance for your phone as well as your tablet and/or laptop even though they are not in AT&T account.
  • AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack Includes comprehensive protection with AT&T Mobile
    Insurance, expert technical assistance from the U.S.-based ProTech2 support team and the Protect Plus app for up to three eligible mobile devices.
  • Plus you have the flexibility to protect your choice of two
    additional eligible devices, including Wi-Fi® tablets or laptops, or
    other smartphones or tablets, on an AT&T wireless postpaid plan.
  • Your primary mobile device must be on an AT&T postpaid
    wireless plan.
  • Coverage for up to six shared claims within any 12
    consecutive months.
  • Coverage and support for up to three devices for $29.99/month.

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