Tips to boost volume and improve sound quality on your Android phone 2016

How to boost volume and improve sound quality on your Android phone

Everyone wants great, high-quality sound from their smartphone while playing and enjoying the sound of music coming from their devices. Usually people want a sound that has a deep bass, a clear treble, a rich middle range, a sound quality that is audible enough, sound quality that does not deteriorate when you crank up the volume, and you certainly don’t want smoke to come out of the speakers!)

However, not all smartphones have the speaker quality or volume levels like the Boom J8, Boom J7 and Boom J5 to deliver all these features due to some certain factors like poor speaker placement and low quality speakers etc.

The best tips to help you improve sound quality and increase volume on yourAndroid phone.

1. Check your phone settings for sound enhancement option
Most smartphone comes with built-in sound enhancement option that could optimize your Android audio experience when activated, adding better sound quality or effects to your phone.
For HTC phones just toggle BoomSound under phone settings, sometimes it’s beat audio for M series.
Xperia devices allows you use the ClearAudio setting and has an equalizer. You can also get to it through the settings.
Then for Samsung devices, you need to plug in whichever audio device you want to use (if you’re using one). Then, hop into your Settings and tap Sound. From there hit Audio settings. You should have a series of options to enhance your audio experience.
2. Download a better music player app
If your device did not have the built-in sound enhancement settings, then you now have the option of replacing the stock music player app with one that includes more audio control. We recommend Poweramp n7player, andEqualizer+. They are jam-packed with audio tweaks, presets, bass boost and many more options.
These apps are free but you’ll have to pay a couple of bucks to access all or it’s pro features but once you do you’ll never look back.
3. Get an EQ app(equalizer)
The default audio controls (equalizer) on most phones, include a basic EQ that only works with the default music app and provides no control over audio not played through the music player.
So, to fix this hit the Play Store and get yourself a decent EQ. These are two best EQ app to download Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster

4. Use quality headphones

The simple fact is that most smartphone speakers are simply not good enough to get decent sound quality out of, even with all these music app or EQ. This is where a decent pair of headphones can help (some audio settings in your phone won’t even work without headphones plugged in).
So it’s time for you to get yourself a quality headphones not just any type but brand and see how much of a difference a serious set of headphones can make to your smartphone audio.
5. Boost your speaker volume
There are phones that generally have low speaker volume that after reaching their max volume, it still can’t be loud enough. If you are rooted, there are plenty of app options out there that can bypass the max volume of the Android system with a few simple tweaks. Check out our post on how to root any Android for more details.
6. Using AudioFX (Root Required)
AudioFX, has been on Android for quite sometime, but due to licensing issues, it has been exclusive to only a few manufacturers. But exclusivity is never permanent in the Android world, and thanks to the xda dev sorlaz, we now have a functioning port that can run on both KitKat and Lollipop.
To install AudioFX, you’ll need to download the appropriate ZIP for your device from above, then flash it through your custom recovery. After doing so, you’ll see an AudioFX app in the app drawer. You’ll notice the same equalizer settings that are available in all of our previous apps, but at the bottom are a few extra settings.
MaxxBass and MaxxTreble are self explanatory, so you can adjust those levels to your liking. However, MaxxSpace, which is only available through headphones, Bluetooth, and USB, adds a surround sound effect to your audio which can give you the feeling of listening to a live performance. To disable MaxxAudio, all you have to do is set the slider on the top of the app to Off.
7. Check if your case is blocking a speaker
At times we are the cause of the poor audio quality, because we normally buy protective case or cover, that block the speakers there by affecting the quality of the sound you get from the speakers. All those vibrations coming from inside your phone will be muffled by the additional layer of plastic or rubber that the manufacturer won’t have taken into account when designing its speaker system.
Not all case makers understand the subtleties of your device. Some cases block essential parts of the phone like the audio jack, microphone or speaker. Before you buy a case be sure that you check to see that it won’t block anything.
That’s all on how to improve the sound quality of your smartphone. I hope you like the post? Please help us share it on your social networks and you can also comment below if you have any question on the above tips.

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