The latest Camon C9 update is here! 20

Latest camon c9 update

CamonC9 update 

 The two links(same) are latest Camon C9 update( Install the one that downloads faster)


  1. Mr Franklin,
    greetings brother,
    please i wish to ask you if the tecno camon c9 update you posted is flasheable through sp flash tool?
    i bricked mine while trying to root
    i was using the latest version before i bricked it.
    please kindly reply.

  2. Greetings to you too brother john.
    This c9 update is flashable through the sp flash tool, below is a link on how to go about it

    And if you are stuck on the FRP screen after flashing , use the link below to bypass it

    Good luck

    1. Mr Franklin,
      brother thanks alot
      i appreciate your help brother.
      great thanks to you homie as i proceed to revive my device.
      i will return.

  3. Welcome brother, Keep visiting.

    1. once again
      greetings brother,
      i think that your file i dawloaded worthing 1.82 gb is not original (tecno camon c9) stock rom because from from the scatter file and the preloader i comrehended that this rom is made for one of the mtk6755 devices and not for mtk6753.
      as you know tecno camon c9 originally came with mediatek mt6753.
      further more the file format is not agreeable to (sp flash tool)
      because it has extension ( .dat ) i can unpack them but is for tecno camon c9 brother.
      i couldn't sleep last night to get the job done but this is normal in technology the more difficulty we face, the strong we become as we learn lessons through them brother.
      thank you.

      1. Sorry brother, I will have to update that post

        Below is the original tecno c9 stock rom

        1. alright brother,
          talk to you later
          how far i go i will brief you later.
          thank you.

  4. How can one install this update? I already tried installing through the update app on my phone but says parse error.

    1. same as me does anyone have a solution for this

  5. Just bought the pro version and there was an update notification which I try downloading but not possible. But here on your site the size of the file is more than x2 of the one on my device.
    Please help me as am not a phone tech person

  6. The update on our blog is for the C9 not the C9 pro

    That of the C9 pro is not out yet.

  7. can i install it straight on my phone or i have to do something else?

  8. how to remove previous google account in my c9 tecno

    1. use the search button above to search for (frp) the post will guide you.

  9. anyone successful in rooting techno c9 send me the real procedures
    coz the methods on the blogs are not clear email @ awl be glad for ur feedback

  10. hy in my phone comon c9 the wifi is not work

  11. Hey bro
    I need how to root tecno camon C9 step by step and requirement files.
    Help me please

    1. Just Type (how to root tecno camon C9 step by step) on the search box on this site and you are good to go

  12. Please is the update nougat android 7.0

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