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 When I first saw the Camon C7, I thought that the only difference lay in the different boxing colour, the size of the screen and of course, the number of processors.

The Actual Difference(s) Between The Camon C9 and C7

Turns out I was wrong. I will be sharing with us some of the notable differences between the Camon C9, and its sister; the Camon C7.

I’ll begin with the basics.


While the C9 spots a black solid carton with blue markings and a blue box containing the phone/accessories, the Camon C7 spots a silver carton with blue markings and a blue box that houses the device and its accessories.


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The accessories for Camon C7 comes in different black boxes while that of the C9 had most of its accessories fixed into custom compartments that are built in such a way to take the shape of the charger, USB cord and earpiece.

The Actual Difference(s) Between The Camon C9 and C7

The Camon C7 battery has a 2,500mAh capacity and is detachable as seen in the picture below. That of Camon C9 is 3,000mAh and non-detachable. The C7 also has fast charging capabilities.

Also, the pouch of C9 is designed in such a way that you can flip it or position it in such a way that you don’t need to hold the phone to carry out basic tasks or watch a movie. But the pouch of C7 doesn’t have that feature, though the back looks very solid and kinda makes up for the plastic back cover of the phone itself.

The Actual Difference(s) Between The Camon C9 and C7


Unlike the Camon C9 which has two micro sim card slots, its Sister, the Camon C7 has one Macro Sim slot and one Micro Sim Slot. Now while this will not make sense to some people. It makes sense to me because I have a CUG simcard which I am not allowed to cut, so seeing that the C7 comes with a macro sim slot is a big relief because I don’t have to carry an extra phone about since both my sim cards can fit in comfortably. The image below should give you an idea of what I’m on about.
The Actual Difference(s) Between The Camon C9 and C7


On the C9, the Smart Cover shows only the time, but on the C7, the Smart Cover shows you both time, day and date, in addition to the music and torch light shortcut which can be accessed through the Smart Cover.

The Actual Difference(s) Between The Camon C9 and C7


While the C9 has 8 processors (Octa Core) accompanying the chipset, C7 has 4 processors (Quad Core 1.3GHz).


here’s an additional Rose Gold colour that accompanied the C7. Camon C9 comes with three colours (Elegant blue, Sandstone Black, and Champagne Gold, while the C7 comes with four colours (Elegant blue, Sandstone black, Champagne Gold and Rose Gold).


The Camon C7 does not have 4G connectivity, however, the 3G is fast. My hotspot is on now and that’s what I’m using to surf.


The C7 spots a 5 inch screen size. Some people are saying they prefer smaller screens. For me, 5.5 inches as seen on the C9 is cumbersome, maybe it’s because I’m a lady sha.


While the C9 goes for 50,000; its Sister, the C7, goes for 39,000.

Please note that what I have done here is not a full review, instead, I have highlighted the major differences between the C9 and C7 for those who might be interested in either of the devices, and for those who seek to be better informed.

This is not an exhaustive list, if you’ve spotted other differences on your device, feel free to share here too.

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