Restore Whatsapp Messages/chats on any phone – 2016

Restore Whatsapp Messages/chats on any phone - 2016

If you install a fresh WhatsApp on your phone but noticed that all the sweet chats or messages you had with that babe or dude are all gone? I’m sure you would want to hit your head on the wall. But hey, don’t do that as this post hopes to guide you through the process of restoring all your WhatsApp messages on various smartphones and operating system.

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Most Android smartphone come with an SD card so this should be very simple to do. Open the app then tap the Menu icon then go to Settings>Chats and calls > Backup Chats. This will now create a backup on your SD card, which you can then swap into your new handset. Reinstall WhatsApp on your replacement device (with the

SD card inserted) and the app should spot your backup and automatically restore the chat history.


For your messages
to remain intact even when you change your phone you must have kept them
somewhere previous, perhaps by running a backup. On the iPhone there
are different ways to run a backup , but the easiest is by using iCloud
backup. To do this you’ll need to take your old handset and go to
WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Chat Backup and then tap Backup Now.

when the need to restore your messages arise, just turn on your new
handset, reinstall WhatsApp, confirm your phone number (which has to be
the same as the one used on your old phone) and you will be prompted to
restore your chat history. Agree to this and your backup should be

To prevent future losses it’s advisable to go back to
settings and enable the Auto Backup feature now, so you’ll be good to go
next time.


Just in case you are not too fortunate to have a device with SD card, don’t cry as you can still restore your conversations but you need a PC to do so or maybe a “File Manager” that can send a complete folder via Bluetooth or Xenda. The simple idea is to move the WhatsApp folder from your old phone to the new one and nothing more.

So, Attach the USB charging cord to the phone and then plug the other end into your PC. Windows should automatically install any

drivers you need, and then you can find the phone in the This PC section of File Explorer. Now look through the phone storage until you find the WhatsApp folder, then copy it onto your PC hard drive. Eject the phone, then connect your new handset and move the WhatsApp folder onto its internal storage. Eject the phone, reinstall WhatsApp, and when you confirm your number the backup should be recognized and you can restore it. With this done you should now have all your past conversations on your new Android phone.

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