FREEZING IDLE APPS - best alternative to app uninstal

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Today I am going to Show you how to freeze some idle apps on background, I noticed that when running too many apps on background, my device tends to slow down in performance plus rapid battery drainage but when I freeze some of the idle background apps, my device speeds up, in essence, freezing of apps helps save battery and free up some ram space with out uninstalling.

FREEZE APPS - best alternative to app uninstal

I have a lot of apps on my phone but I don't want to uninstall it, in case of necessity so what can I do.
Good news with Tecno Camon C7 you can freeze your apps, and unfreeze it when you need of them.
Freezing of of apps means temporary removal of apps till the of needed but not permanent removal. When you uninstall apps then you has permanently removed it because it can't be recovered unless you re-install it, which means you have to download it again and install it back. But with freezing is like you keep it for future purpose because you can recover it without the use of internet.

With this picture I will show you how to freeze apps and unfreeze it, just follow me

FREEZE APPS - best alternative to app uninstal

Click on the Hi Manager and open it then go to the last item and click on App Management, it will open like this

FREEZE APPS - best alternative to app uninstal

Go to App Freeze and click on it, to know the next step to take.

FREEZE APPS - best alternative to app uninstal

After opening, this what you will see then click on the red button to select the app you wanted to freeze.

FREEZE APPS - best alternative to app uninstal

As you can see it will bring out all the apps on your phone, now you can select the app you wanted to freeze by clicking on the app itself and when you done with the selection go to the right hand corner and click on the mark sign. Now you have successfully freezed your app.

You can as well repeat the process to unfreeze it. Remember from Hi Manager to App Management - App freeze then it will show the list of freezed apps, now click on it one after the other to unfreeze
Tecno Camon C7 is amazing and fun so I urge you to go for it thanks

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