Tecno Camon C9; which colour appeals more to you

Tecno Camon C9 is arguably the most talked about device currently rocking the Nigerian mobile industry. The device comes with the latest android operating system; the marshmallow, amazing design and powerful Camera. But today we will be talking about the Tecno camon C9 colors; The device is available in three colours: the champagne gold, elegant blue and the sandstone black. So which of these colours will you be going for? Let check them out in this review

Beautiful design

The first thing that attracted me to this device was the superlative and curvy design, I was originally set out to buy another but on getting to the store, I was distracted by how gorgeous the Camon C9 is , the display even makes every looks amazing. So I finally settled for it, I am glad I took that decision, no regret at all. The camera needs no advertisement, it is great, 13MP camera both front and back is the first I have seen from TECNO MOBILE.

camon c9 colors

It’s slim and the edges are beautifully crafted with metal so as to give it an appealing look and I must say the whole concept was on point. The curvy design makes it easier to pick up and the feel in my hands can best be described as sturdy.

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Fashionable colours
Now I have seen the Camon C9 in different colours, Champagne gold, elegant blue and the textured black. The elegant blue is beautiful and sexy, ladies will easily fall in love with this colour I guess but different people with different tastes. They are showy and fashionable people who like to be seen with fashionable things. But I am not saying others are not beautiful, you need to feel the sandstone black to appreciate how cool it feels in the hands and the champagne gold is easily attractive and fashionable too.

Tecno camon C9 colors

Colors of the camon c9

Still on colors of the camon C9: For men and guys I think many will prefer the sandstone black colour because it's rugged and the same time very cool. I personally prefer this colour because of the textured feel in my hands. It will be able to handle lots of rough usage, and from the appearance, it won’t scratch easily.
But our choices not the same, some guys may still go for the champagne gold or the elegant blue while some ladies will still prefer the sandstone black colour. So let’s hear your opinion on the tecno C9 colour, we would like to know which colors of the device that appeals more to you.

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