How to Root Tecno Camon C8 and change the IMEI

REQUIREMENT for rooting Tecno camon c8

1. A Pc & Internet connection 
2. You need to download the Sp flash tools
3. More importantly, you need to Focus 

Done with the requirements, let's begin.
How to roo camon c8

Method 1

STEPs : you have to follow these steps correctly for you to root Tecno camon c8 successfully

1. Download here 

2. Move to phone’s SD card 

3. Download the ported TWRP for Tecno C8 and istall see(Here)
 (Credits to Team Hovatek)

4. Done fully with step 3? jump to 6.

Recommend: See full guide on how to use the sp flash tool 

5. Done flashing, boot the phone into TWRP recovery mode (by Holding the Volume Up + Power button for 5 seconds)

6. In the recovery, Choose install zip from sdcard (to Choose zip from sdcard use volume up and down navigate up and down then choose the file from the root of your sdcard.)

7. Scroll to yes and install, after a successful flashing go back and reboot your device.

Method 2: Note , if method one did not work for you, method 2 surely will.


1. Download file here 

2. Copy/Move file to SD card.

3. Power off your android device.

4. Boot to recovery , to do that hold down Power button + Volume up , (it may differ in other android device running the same chipset)

5. Navigate and select Recovery mode ( Volume up = Navigate while Volume down = Select )

6. Navigate and select “ Apply update from SD card ” ( Volume up & down = navigate while
Power button = Select )

7. Select zip file you copied/moved to your SD card.

8. After flashing the zip file, it will automatically take you back to Recovery screen.

9. Navigate and click Reboot system.

10. That’s all, after reboot, SU must have been flashed into your device.

Better still : Try the universal method of rooting all media tek (Tecno phone's): the killer solution.



Note: Root access not required to change imei number. 


1. Download and install MTK engineering mode v1.1 OR MTK engineering mode v2.0
2. Open and click on MTK Settings.
3. Navigate to connectivity .
4. Select CDS information .
5. Select Radio Information .
6. Choose either Phone 1 or 2.
For Phone 1 : “AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”
For Phone 2 : “AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” Make sure you add a space in between AT+ and EGMR

7. Press the “ Send At Command ” (You should receive a message that your ‘AT command sent)

8. Reboot and dial *#06# to confirm your new IMEI.

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