How to Use Your smartphone Like a Pro

The average smartphone users today of course wants to handle their smartphone like professionals, from photography to application management, to uninstalling of junk files and to others.
Freeze Applications not in Use
How to Use Your smartphone Like a Pro

These features do come in handy ONLY if you a little knowledge about it and that’s why I have prepared 3 ways you should and can use your mobile phone like a professional.

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1.Freeze Applications not in Use

Pros know that freezing an application not in use would ensure you have a larger RAM to yourself and make your mobile phone faster. This is one secret that Pros won’t let you know and they use on the Hi Manager. The Hi Manager allows you to freeze applications which will not be in immediate use.

2.Notification Management

Pros know how to mute
and silent notifications from applications that they do not need. This feature that pros use help to minimize data, save battery and also eliminates all forms of distractions while using their mobile phone. So, get on with it and start using the notification manager on the Hi Manager.
3.Bandwidth Manager

One final feature pros use on their mobile phones is the bandwidth management feature of the Hi Manager. Every mobile phone professional surely uses the Hi Manager to save data. Using this feature on the Hi Manager, you can determine the amount of data you want to use in a day, week or month.

Here you have it, you can begin to use your mobile phone like a professional hence with these features.


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