How to Resurrect Your Completely Dead Tecno Camon C8

Most of us, especially beta testers, are into frequent upgrading & downgrading of roms. But what if you mistakenly shifted your laptop or cable & your phone refuses to respond at all? It happened to me so, I deviced this method to unbrick my prestigious Camon C8, it will surely work for every other MTK device.

From my research, discovery and knowledge, the problem is that the preloader is corrupt.

The duty of the preloader is to ensure that your computer recognizes and connects with the phone.

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If flashing is interrupted, the preloader gets corrupt and you'll have to fix it by flashing an original untouched ROM.

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1. Your bricked device - Tecno Camon C8 in this case.

2. Know your phone variant.

3. Latest SP flash Tools v5.1620

for Linux here


1. If you don't know your variant, download these two roms:ROM (Variant 1) and ROM (Variant 2). The first ROM worked for me.

2. Get the latest version of SP Flash tool v5.1620

3. Flash the ROM and tick everything including Preloader (Format All + Download).

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4. Click Download then connect the phone to start flashing.

5. After flashing complete don't switch on the phone yet, repeat the same procedure without ticking Preloader (Download Only).

6. After completing, try switch on the phone, if it does not come up, repeat steps 3 and 4 using the second ROM.

7. After this is done, try switching on the phone, it should now start up.

It worked for me before, it may work for you, just give it a try.

Your feedbacks, suggestions and comments are most welcome!

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