How to Make Your Tecno Android SmartPhone 5x Faster in Less Than 5Mins

Hello! The good news is: No third party application required, no tweaking required… the only requirement is your common sense. I bet, this is so gonna work.
How Can I Make My Android Smartphone Super Fast?
1. First, you’ll need to enable access to the hidden “Developer options” menu on your Android phone. To do that, simply tap the“About phone” option in Settings. Then tap“Build number” seven times and you’re done.

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Now you can just back out to the main Settings menu and you’ll find Developer options somewhere near the bottom of the list.

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2. Now that you’re done with that part, let the real fun begins. Tap the new Developer options menu you just enabled and scroll until you see the following three settings (note that they may be located within an “Advanced” subsection):

  Window animation scale
   Transition animation scale
    Animator animation scale

3. By default, each of those three options is set to “1x” but tapping them and changing them to “.5x” will dramatically speed up your phone. This harmless tweak forces the device to speed up all transition animations, and the entire user experience is faster and smoother as a result.
This is how you know if you are using an Android device or just a mere phone… Are you the boss or just a boy?

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