How to Install CWM recovery Image on all Tecno smartphones

Clockworkmod is a very useful tools in terms of bricked android device and serves as a category of custom roms which helps in the unbricking of bricked android phones or serves as better alternatives to stock android recovery. However, the main purpose of CWM recovery is that, it helps you to easily recovery your device once it gets bricked or spoiled and needs to be flashed, in the sense that, it retains device backup. So every android phone user is required to install cwm recovery before it gets 
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I would brief you guys on how to install CWM recovery Image on all Tecno smartphones

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How to Install CWM recovery Image on all Tecno smartphones

Step 1: First download recovery tools- Flasher 

Step 2: Then Download CWM recovery image for your tecno device from the links below:

  1. Tecno Q1
  2. Tecno S7
  3. Tecno P9
  4. Tecno M9
  5. Tecno H5
  6. Tecno N9
  7. Tecno D3
  8. Tecno D5
  9. Tecno F7
  10. Tecno M3
  11. Tecno S3
  12. Tecno P5
  13. Tecno L3
  14. Tecno M5
  15. Tecno M7
  16. Tecno H7
  17. Tecno M6  
  18. Tecno R7
  19. Tecno N7
  20. Tecno M9 (A3)
  21. Tecno L6
  22. Tecno F5
  23. Tecno G9
  24. Tecno Boom J7 
  25. Tecno Phantom Z (A7)

Once you've downloaded the recovery image from the link above, then transfer directly to your MicroSD card root.

NB: Do not transfer inside any folder, transfer in the root of the memory card.

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Step 3: Then install and Launch the recovery tools - Flasher and grant it users privilege when prompted and also ensure your phone is rooted.

Step 4: Select, I know the risk option, then select other recovery option.

Step 5: Navigate and select the ClockworkMod recovery image you copied to your SD card root then tap ''Yes'', please.

Step 6
.After the above procedur, You'll see Recovery Flashed, reboot into recovery? select Yes please. You should now see CWM recovery instead of the stock recovery

Step 7: Move to Backup and restore, then backup your current ROM

Congratulations, your CWM recovery image is successfully installed.

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Hope this helps! More recovery image for other Non-listed tecno smartphone would be updated here. So stay tuned

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