How to factory reset your tecno smartphone

If you have lost your pin or pattern and you want to hard format your Tecno phone or reset it, then you are at the right place. 
NOTE: Resting or Formatting your Tecno device can also fix Google play store issues.
AGAIN, note that this will erase all your personal files, info and apps in the phone storage. You will only regain this if you earlier on backed up your phone on your local drive or Google account.

How to factory reset your tecno smartphone

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How to to unlock your Android phone without factory reset

Steps on How to to unlock your Android phone with factory reset

1. Switch off the device
2. Hold the POWER key together with at least the down volume key to power the phone and start the resetting process.
3. A command-like window with sometimes a green text appears.
4. Use the up/down volume keys to scroll screen and use the Power key to select.
5. Select WIPE DATA and the phone reboots after some few minutes to clear and reset your device memory.

If the above guide doesn’t work for your device, then we certainly must revisit point number (2) Note that this is because some Android versions like Gingerbread and Froyo 2.2 will not go with the typical Hard reset method outlined above. 
You can try this :
i. Power your device while simultaneously holding the Up and Down volume screen. Hold until blue screen appears.
ii. Some phones are so tricky, try this out yourself, try holding the up volume key or the down Volume key or both together with the power key until the blue screen comes up! There is really no one specified

NOTE: If your get stuck on the Factory reset protection Screen (FRP) use How To Bypass/Remove Factory Reset Protection On Tecno phone to get out of it.
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