Effective ways to prevent your your smartphone from virus attacks

Do you think viruses only affect PCs? Think again. Not just PCs are under a big threat but so too are mobilephones which are becoming an attractive target.

Having known How to Conserve Data on your smart phone, adding this to our knowledge base is appropriate. A mobile phone is also a computer (A handy one) it holds your data therefore if a virus infects it, it can damage your data and hence the need to learn how to protect your smartphone from viruses.

Most smart phones start lagging and feeling slow after you install a couple of apps. Installing the memory cleaners and other apps does not necessarily help with this issue.
Here, we have a solution that is bound to make your smartphone feel faster without installing any app.

Install an anti virus software. This is used to monitor installed apps and to scan in order to detect malicious software.

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  1. Put a pin or password on your phone and keep it locked when not in use.
  2. Stay away from suspicious websites when browsing because viruses can be installed through malicious websites. Always use https in the url instead of http because https has an added level of security.
  3. Download applications or documents only if it comes from a trustworthy source like the phones app store or play store.
  4. Encrypt files and data stored on the phone. Encryption shields ones data stored on the phone or in the memory card. Some phones have an in built data encryption feature.
  5. Avoid connecting your phone to unsecured wireless networks that do not need passwords to access. Anyone can connect to your device and easily infect it with a virus without you knowing.
  6. Avoid modifying your phone in ways that weren’t intended by the manufacturer.
Note that Security apps will not remove viruses from your phone, however, they alert and advise the user on how to remove them. As a precaution, if you receive an unexpected email with a link, do not click on the link because it may be directed to a virus infected website. Follow these simple steps and secure your phone from viruses.

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