Download GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp program 4.70 - experience whatsapp with exciting features

The Gbwhatsapp will help you to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on one cell phone, its also super customizable plus so many additional features.
 The GBWhatsApp version 4.70 has been manufactured from the most recent stable variant of WhatsApp.

      Already Existing Key Features of GBwhatsapp

Download GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp program 4.70

software + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp
Amendment breathe breeze Omar

What is GBWhatsApp?

3 is a copy, a copy instead of proving Alwats official copy to run second account and a copy to run third account is based on the latest version of the application Watts August 2.16.133 and supports all Android devices in addition to other features.

What features + GBWhatsApp & whatsApp?

* The possibility of hiding to appear
* privacy options
* the possibility to distinguish between collective messages and regular
* possibility of a lock for Watts in August password
* the possibility of sending a group of 600 people amessage at once
* the possibility of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* ​​the possibility of sending 90 image at once None of the 10
* possibility of a case of the number of dependentcharacters 250 instead of 139 symbols
* the possibility of pressure on the links without storing the message sender or the number of theowner
* counter statistics for groups
* media preview without loading
* the possibility to hide the name and the date when copying two or more
* the possibility of copying case
* the possibility of changing the form of theprogram, and change the program icon and notices
* and many more features.

What's New in 4.70 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp?

* Update to version 2.16.133 Almarki
* adjusted 6.10 option , you can now choose theprogram name on the home screen
* Added 02/01/49 02/01/52's options to control thecolor of quoted messages
* fix a problem sending videos
* Fixed a problem with the video Cut
* Fixed a problem opening the lock when a reply alerts
* repair translator Turkish language
* fix other problems

Activation method?
* Put your number + activation
Download GBWhatsApp to run second No. supportsKnott 4-5 & S5 - 6 - 7 all devices

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                Download Gbwhatsapp 4.70

Download Watts August Plus + WhatsApp prove instead Alwats official 

What's New in 4.65 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp?

* Update to version 2.16.95 Almarki
* the possibility of sending a collective message to 600 people at once
* Pat able to answer any specific message in thechat was. Just long press on any message and then clicking on the post at the top of the screen icon.You can also click on the message quoted to return to the original message that was borrowed.
* Add option No. 9 to change the language of theprogram
* Repair emergence Gary initialization when you open the program
* Re icon Show message information
* Repair does not appear quoted messages
* fix many problems

Activation method?
* Put your number + activation
Download GBWhatsApp to run second No. supportsKnott 4-5 & S 5-6 and all devices

                  Download Gbwhatsapp 4.65

Note: Try to Download Below Two Versions of GB Whatsapp if Error Occurred  While Install

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How To Fix An Android Phone That Won’t Charge/Discharges

Generally, Android phones are known for long-lasting battery capacity irrespective of how many processes you are running at the same time, the battery life shouldn’t be an issue. But it could be really confusing when you discover your android phone is not charging when connected to your charger and some times  your battery percentage to remain at the same level for hours or in fact drop steadily.
The problem occurs in various ways, either your phone won’t charge when it is plugged in, or it only charges very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging). It’s a very common complaint, and I recently encountered this issue with my Phantom Z

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Am very certain you must have thought of “Why is my Android phone not charging or discharging despite being connected to a power source?”

How To Fix An Android Phone That Won’t Charge/Discharges

Lets see the obvious reasons below:
  • Insufficient power source: If you’re charging using a PC (via USB cord) or from a faulty power source then this is possible.
  • Bad USB port: A loose, cracked or broken phone USB port could be a cause.
  • Bad charger: If the charger is faulty or not powerful enough then you can expect something like this
  • ROM Issues: If you flashed a custom ROM / Firmware upgrade with power efficiency bugs then you have another possible reason.
  • Heavy Usage During Charging: If you’re running processor / battery intensive processes during charging then you have another possible cause
  • Bad battery: Some batteries have problems retaining charge after extensive use.
Some of you may have suffered from a phone that won’t charge properly and probably rushed out to buy a new charger to fix it, well, you are wrong. What if the issue isn’t the charger? and the actual issue is your phone battery.
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How To Fix An Android Phone That Won’t Charge/Discharges
Below are 100% tested and trusted ways based on my experience and am very certain it would work for you. Lets Get Started:
When you notice your android phone is not charging even though it’s plugged to power source, first action is to:
  • Make sure the USB jack and USB port are making firm contact
  • Switch Usb cable and try charging it again.
  • Try a different battery
  • Try a different charger
  • Consider changing the USB port if it looks loose, cracked or damaged in any way
  • Try a different power source
  • Flash the stock ROM back to the phone
  • Consider using an external (like desktop) charger to be sure the battery is working.
NOTE: You don’t just rush to buy anything without being 100% certain you need to, so you don’t waste your money and time.

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How To Care for Android Battery life And prevent Future Occurrence
  • Avoid over-charging your device: Once your battery is full please remove it from power source. Over charging kills your battery cells.
  • Avoid charging your device using a PC or low power source.
  • Employ good battery management practices
  • Do not rotate the USB jack during charging or force it into the USB port.
I hope after reading the above article, you would treat your battery with care and wait and find out the actual reason before jumping to buy accessories to get it fixed.
Kindly drop your comments below. Thanks
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How to properly charge a phone’s battery: stop charging from zero to 100%

Hello T-fans  I was been searching through internet, I saw this  and I decided to share with you, hope it helps.

How to properly charge a phone’s battery: stop charging from zero to 100% and other tips​

Extend your battery's lifespan with these top tips, including how often you should charge your phone's battery.

How to properly charge a phone’s battery: stop charging from zero to 100%

Batteries are one of tech’s most boring subjects … until your phone, tablet or laptop dies, that is. While most of us live in fear of a fading phone battery when we’re out and about, we don’t worry too much about that battery’s eventual lifespan, but there are ways to keep your battery in tip-top shape for a long and fruitful life. (probably between three and five years). Just how should you charge your iPhone or Android?

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Batteries do not enjoy eternal life. Most smartphoEssanemanufacturers say their devices rate their batteries at 300-500 cycles. Apple claims that its laptop batteries reach 80 percent of their original capacity after 1,000 charges. After this point batteries aren’t able to hold as much electricity and will power your device for increasingly shorter periods of time

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 So here’s some tips to extend your battery’s lifespan, be that in an iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, tablet, orlaptop.

The big questions about how to re-charge a battery is whether you should let it run to zero before re-charging to 100%.

One reason why people are unsure is something they’ve heard of called the battery “memory effect”

What is battery memory effect?

Battery memory effect is about batteries remembering remaining charge if you didn’t let them go all the way to zero too often. So a battery frequently charged from 20% to 80% might ‘forget’ about the 40% that’s left uncharged (0-20% and 80-100%). Sounds crazy but that’s sort of true – but only for older nickel-based (NiMH and NiCd) batteries, not the lithium-ion batteries in your phone.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries don’t suffer the memory effect so you almost need to do the opposite – charge them often but not all the way throughout the day, and don’t let them drop to zero.

Don’t charge battery from zero to 100%

The rule with Li-ion batteries is to keep them 50% or more most of the time. When it drops below 50% top it up a little if you can. A little a few times a day seems to be the optimum to aim for.

But don’t charge it all the way to 100%. It won’t be fatal to your battery if you do a full recharge – most of us are forced to do this every now and again in emergencies. But constantly doing a full recharge will shorten the battery’s lifespan.

So a good range to aim for when charging a Li-ion battery is from about 40% to 80% in one go. Try not to let the battery drop below 20%.

When I should do a full battery charge

Experts recommend that you do a full zero to 100% battery recharge (a "charge cycle") maybe once a month only. This recalibrates the battery – a bit like restarting your computer, or, for humans, going on holiday! The same goes for laptops, by the way.

Should I charge my phone overnight?

Most modern smartphones are clever enough to stop charging when full, so there isn'y a great risk in leaving your phone charging overnight. But some experts recommend you remove the phone from a case if charging for a long time, as a case could lead to over heating

Should I use fast battery charging?

Many Android phones have a feature that allows for fast charging. Samsung even calls its technology “ultra fast charging”. Motorola boasts about its Droid Turbo that promises an 8 hour charge in just 15 minutes! HTC’s Rapid Charger 2.0 charges devices such as the One M8, One E8 and Desire Eye 40 percent faster also Tecno flagship devices like the Droidpad 8 D and the Tecno L8 features this technology as well.

These phones have special code usually located in a chip known as the Power Management IC (PMIC) that communicates with the charger you are using and requests that it send power at a higher voltage.

Apple’s iPhone 6 doesn’t feature fast charging but its Qualcomm PMIC is smart enough to recognise when you use a higher-amp charger (like the one you get with the iPad), and that’s a good thing because fast charging will heat up that Li-ion battery and cause it increased wear and tear.

For the same reason, don’t leave your phone in a hot car, on the beach or next to the oven. A hot battery will suffer long-term effects on its lifespan. And so will a super-cold one, so don’t leave your device in the freezer or out in the snow!

So, if you can, switch off fast charging on your Android phone.

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Can I use any charger?

Where possible use the charger that came with your phone, as it is sure to have the correct rating. Or make sure that a third-party charger is approved by your phone's manufacturer. Cheap alternatives from Amazon or eBay may harm your phone, and there have been several reported cases of cheap chargers actually catching on fire!

Storing battery tips

Don’t leave a Li-ion battery li-ing around too long at 0%. Try to leave it at around 40-50%. These batteries drain at about 5-10% a month when not in use. If you let the battery discharge completely and leave it uncharged for a long period of time it may eventually become incapable of holding a charge at all (that’s properly dead). It’s unlikely you’ll leave your smartphone lying in a drawer for very long, but some people do leave their laptop, battery packs or spare batteries unused for long periods of time. So try to keep them all at least half charged.

Now that you know this kindly...

Effective ways to prevent your your smartphone from virus attacks

Do you think viruses only affect PCs? Think again. Not just PCs are under a big threat but so too are mobilephones which are becoming an attractive target.

Having known How to Conserve Data on your smart phone, adding this to our knowledge base is appropriate. A mobile phone is also a computer (A handy one) it holds your data therefore if a virus infects it, it can damage your data and hence the need to learn how to protect your smartphone from viruses.
Most smart phones start lagging and feeling slow after you install a couple of apps. Installing the memory cleaners and other apps does not necessarily help with this issue.
Here, we have a solution that is bound to make your smartphone feel faster without installing any app.

Install an anti virus software. This is used to monitor installed apps and to scan in order to detect malicious software.

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  1. Put a pin or password on your phone and keep it locked when not in use.
  2. Stay away from suspicious websites when browsing because viruses can be installed through malicious websites. Always use https in the url instead of http because https has an added level of security.
  3. Download applications or documents only if it comes from a trustworthy source like the phones app store or play store.
  4. Encrypt files and data stored on the phone. Encryption shields ones data stored on the phone or in the memory card. Some phones have an in built data encryption feature.
  5. Avoid connecting your phone to unsecured wireless networks that do not need passwords to access. Anyone can connect to your device and easily infect it with a virus without you knowing.
  6. Avoid modifying your phone in ways that weren’t intended by the manufacturer.
Note that Security apps will not remove viruses from your phone, however, they alert and advise the user on how to remove them. As a precaution, if you receive an unexpected email with a link, do not click on the link because it may be directed to a virus infected website. Follow these simple steps and secure your phone from viruses.

How to reduce data usage on your tecno android smartphone

It has become a necessity to reduce data usage on smartphones. Today, Android and iPhone are known to be high consumers of data, your Android phone for instance can use up 1 gigabyte of data updating some apps in the background without your notice . Not everyone can afford unlimited data so I decided to write you this few tips to help minimize the amount of data consumption on your Tecno smartphones. below is a quick guide on how to reduce data usage on your Android phone.
How to reduce data usage on android


1. Restrict Background Data:
For Android users, in the Data Usage settings menu, tap on any of the apps listed to show more information about how much data they’re using, including a breakdown of its foreground and background data use. Apps will often refresh and update in the background, even if you’re not using them, in order to open faster and provide up-to-date information. Enabling Restrict background data can significantly reduce your data usage.

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2. Disable auto-updates:
If you own an Android phone, go to Google Play Store > Settings > Auto-Update apps and select ‘Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only’. This way, your phone will wait until your connected to a Wi-Fi network before it updates your apps.
3. Using firewall to control internet access for apps:
Most of THE apps on your Android device probably require a data connection, and you may not even know when they are sending or receiving data. Firewall puts you in control of Internet access for apps, as well as how they can access it. There are many firewall apps on the Google’s play store, but most of them requires root access to work. So i recommend you to download this Norton Firewall if your Android device is not rooted. As the name suggests, the app doesn’t require you to root your Android. Instead, it creates a VPN and diverts all the traffic on your phone through it. This way, you can choose which traffic you want to allow and which you want to stop. When any app tries to access the Internet, you’ll get an alert where you can allow or deny it and save the setting for the future. This level of control can also let you see when a certain app is accessing data for ads and block it.
4. Using mini browser’s and reducing the image quality of your browser:
Mini browser’s like Opera mini, Opera Max, UC browser mini etc to browse the internet can help to reduce data usage, as they will compress images, video, webpages, and even the data sent by apps installed on your phone. Thereby reducing rate of data consumption. You can also save data by reducing the quality of images from your browser settings or off the image entirely if not necessary.
5. Manually close certain apps:
Some data-hungry apps that are left open, or simply due to default settings on your phone that you weren’t aware of can chew through your data without you realising it. Pressing the back button when exiting out of apps, instead of the home button, will close down your apps. However for certain apps such as GPS (maps), video or audio streaming (Youtube, Rdio, ) or Skype go to Settings > Application > Manage Applications > Running, then open the app you wish to close and tap on FORCE STOP or FORCE CLOSE depending on your phone’s choice of words.
Hope this this guide on how to reduce data usage on Android phone helps, please share!

Download SP Flash Tools Latest version

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What can the SP flash tool do?

  • Flash complete roms smart phone (stock roms & custom roms) 
  • Flash just recovery image to phones eg. ClockWorkMod recovery.
  • Format MTK android smart phones.
  • Readback roms and do memory test on smart phones.

  • Recommended: Learn how to use SP Flash Tools from here

download sp flash tool

Feel free to contact us on any missing download links using the comment box, we love comment a lot so do not forget to tell us well we are doing.

How to Use Your smartphone Like a Pro

The average smartphone users today of course wants to handle their smartphone like professionals, from photography to application management, to uninstalling of junk files and to others.
Freeze Applications not in Use

How to Use Your smartphone Like a Pro

These features do come in handy ONLY if you a little knowledge about it and that’s why I have prepared 3 ways you should and can use your mobile phone like a professional.

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1.Freeze Applications not in Use

Pros know that freezing an application not in use would ensure you have a larger RAM to yourself and make your mobile phone faster. This is one secret that Pros won’t let you know and they use on the Hi Manager. The Hi Manager allows you to freeze applications which will not be in immediate use.

2.Notification Management

Pros know how to mute and silent notifications from applications that they do not need. This feature that pros use help to minimize data, save battery and also eliminates all forms of distractions while using their mobile phone. So, get on with it and start using the notification manager on the Hi Manager.
3.Bandwidth Manager

One final feature pros use on their mobile phones is the bandwidth management feature of the Hi Manager. Every mobile phone professional surely uses the Hi Manager to save data. Using this feature on the Hi Manager, you can determine the amount of data you want to use in a day, week or month.

Here you have it, you can begin to use your mobile phone like a professional hence with these features.
Samsung Insurance

Samsung Insurance

Even though you own one of the more basic Samsung mobile phones or the latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus, featuring Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) – Going for Samsung mobile phone insurance for one of these most popular of UK mobile phones is highly recommended. Ranging in price from £499 to just £49 or less, not only Samsung mobile phone to suit every pocket – but also a Samsung mobile phone insurance the best coverage you can offer you cell phone.

Samsung mobile phone insurance quotes

It is certain that best Samsung mobile phone insurance deals can be obtained by shopping around online, but what might they look like. starting with a basic Samsung mobile phone model, you should quite reasonably be able to expect to get basic Samsung mobile phone insurance for handsets up to the value of £50 for less than £2 a month and also the entry level smartphone models like the Samsung Galaxy Mini for around £2 a month too.

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Even though it worth roughly the same value as an iPhone, the very top-end specification Samsung Galaxy smartphones is cheaper to insure compare to Apple rivals. Certainly, it is possible to get even these top-end Samsung mobile phone insurance contracts for £5 a month, or £2 a month less than that for an iPhone. Purchasing Samsung mobile phone insurance contract at these amounts, even if the minimum length of contract is two years, represents great value for you.

This is a wise decision because having to buy a new handset, your Samsung mobile phone will be protected against theft, loss or accidental damage by you – usually with a repair or replacement guarantee within 48 hours of the problem being reported to your insurer.

Are Samsung mobile phones really worth insuring?

Certainly, yes it is worth insuring Samsung mobile phones. Insurance policy is not just ones for your mobile phone, but to cover your finance against something unexpected happening. better to take the scenario of you owning a mid-range Samsung smartphone worth £150 to £200.

Even though you have that handset on a pay monthly contract or buy it outright as a pay-as-you-go mobile – if you don't having Samsung phone insurance and it's lost, damaged or stolen so as to need repairing, you will have to pay the costs. This means buying a new mobile phone or paying for the repairs yourself. I suppose someone using pay-as-you-go, rather than paying out around £200 for a new replacement of cell phone could always just buy a cheaper more basic one – but someone with a pay monthly contract would virtually have no choice but to pay for a new and identical replacement hand set.

This is because even if they aren't using their Mobile phone – they will still have to pay the monthly rental amount to the network provider, amounting to them giving the network provider money for nothing. because it has been estimated that in 2010 there were over one million mobile phone insurance claims made in the UK – so to think "it'll never happen to me", in terms of needing to make a Samsung mobile phone insurance claim, could turn out to be a rather fanciful thought.

An ideal Samsung mobile phone insurance package

Finding a cheap Samsung mobile phone insurance deal is one thing – finding a great value Samsung mobile phone insurance deal is quite another and something entirely different. For example, seeing Samsung mobile phone insurance advertised at just £1 a month must be tempting – but there will be reasons why it is offered so cheaply.

That deal may yet turn out to be a good one – but do take care to check all the small print. One of the reasons not all of the cheapest Samsung mobile phone insurance deals are the best is the excesses they charge. For example, insuring a £150 Samsung smartphone for £2 a month sounds great – but what if it was stolen and you still had to pay the first £100 towards a replacement handset? So, when it comes to the details in a Samsung mobile phone insurance package – what should you be looking for? Most mobile phone insurance deals will have an excess, but we'd suggest you only accept a maximum of £25 or £50 as the excess.

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The insurance policy must cover theft and accidental cover as an absolute minimum and ideally include international cover for at least 30 days a year and fraudulent call protection, whereby any calls made on your phone by a thief are paid by the insurer – even before you've reported the phone as stolen to your network provider. Regarding accidental cover, make sure the Samsung mobile phone insurance includes damage by water/liquids; which can often be excluded from accidental cover unless asked for.

You'll notice we haven't mention loss insurance cover, this too can be an exclusion unless specifically asked for. Finally, two last things to check when taking out a Samsung mobile phone insurance policy. Firstly that it will take effect immediately after you agree to accepting the policy and, secondly, that they guarantee to process any claim you make within 48 hours at most.

Nokia Mobile Phone Insurance

Nokia Insurance

It is a fact that Nokia are still making some of the best mobile phone models, these phones deserved to be protected with Nokia mobile phone insurance packages. Nokia phone manufacturing company is persisting with their Symbian Operating System the very latest Nokia models, just like the Nokia E-600 and N900, are clearly aimed at giving the Blackberry and iPhone respectively a run for their money.

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But these mobile phones of that sort of standard don't come cheap and the relatively small extra cost of taking out Nokia mobile phone insurance is surely a sensible thing to do.

Getting the best deal on Nokia mobile phone insurance

Anytime you buy your new Nokia mobile phone from, even online, you'll be asked about taking out mobile phone insurance for it. Being so reasonably priced, possibly even for less than £2 a month, many Nokia phone buyers just accept the offer made by salesperson or website for their Nokia mobile phone insurance without any delay. This a natural reaction of course, you've just paid for a brand new phone and will be eager to protect your purchase as quickly and best you can.

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However, you may not really know if the first Nokia mobile phone insurance you under take is really the best for you. On the basis that few people buy a new phone on an impulse, when you're researching which phone you want to buy and who has the best deals on them, you should also research where to get the best insurance deals are too. For a Nokia phone all you need to do is search for something like Nokia mobile phone insurance – and compare the deals on offer and their respective coverage and policy with other Nokia phone insurance providers. So if you successfully select you mobile phone insurance provider, therefore when you buy the phone if the store can't match that deal – get online as soon as you can and arrange the Nokia mobile phone insurance over the internet.

Nokia mobile phone cover and contracts

It might yet prove to be the case that the company you buy your new Nokia from does also have the best deal on Nokia mobile phone insurance. If so, and you're going to have the Nokia phone on a pay monthly contract, it could be that you can get the Nokia mobile phone monthly fee added on to the phone rental fee, meaning that you only have one payment going out a month for both the phone and the Nokia mobile phone insurance. This should make keeping track of your finances easier, as you only need to look for that one payment on your statements to make sure that both your network provider and the Nokia mobile phone insurance provider are being paid properly.
Insuring an older Nokia mobile phone

Nokia mobile phone insurance policies may be purchased for any Nokia phone and at any time – It may not only be at the point of  buying a new phone. But, you ought to be aware that most Nokia mobile phone insurance contracts will have clauses in them that will only allow claims to be paid in full if your phone is less than 2 years old. This is because any electronic equipment will naturally lose some of its value over time and mobile phones are no exception in this case.

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Let for instance, a 3 year old Nokia mobile phone needing replacement under a Nokia mobile phone insurance agreement might have the maximum amount you can claim reduced by 10%, compared to the original full price or the price of a like-for-like replacement. This reductions are usually made at 10% for every extra year thereafter until, let be frank, taking out Nokia mobile phone insurance on a 9 year old Nokia phone is probably not worth it unless you would definitely want it to be repaired if ever it was accidentally damage.