Full Guide On How To Unbrick a Bricked Tecno W4

 Hello Tecno W4 users, this is a full guide on how to unbrick your Tecno W4 Android smartphone to normal using a stock rom/firmware

The Tecno W4 Android smartphone  was popularly known to be the first Tecno device to run 6.0 Marshmallow operating system out of box. The smartphone also features 1GB Ram and 16GB expandable internal memory with 8mp rear camera and 5 inches high definition screen.
Tecno W4 unbrick
Tecno W4 

The Tecno W4 Android smartphone has been on sales few months ago but you're still considering the price you can try the Tecno y4 specifications
This is an essential guide on how to unbrick a bricked Tecno w4 smartphone using the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow stock firmware. Continue with guide below to put live to your brick Tecno W4 Android smartphone.


◾SP Flash tools (Download)
◾ Download VCOM drivers here
◾Download Tecno W4 Stock ROM (All Tecno Stock Roms / Firmwares)
◾USB cable for communicating the device with your PC.

Steps On How to Flash Tecno W4 to Stock Android 6.0 Firmware.

Step 1: First download the Stock ROM file from the link provided above, and then extract the “Tecno W4 stock firmware” folder to the desktop screen of your computer.

Step 2: Now, power off your Tecno W4 device (if it’s a bricked device simply hold the power button to power off).

Step 3: Next, download the SP Flash tool, and extract the files to your computer. You should get the following files as seen below, after extraction.

Full Guide On How To Unbrick a Bricked Tecno W4

Step 4: From the extracted files, open Flash_tool.exe

Step 5: Once the flash tool is launched, then click on the download/upgrade tab and click on scatter loading button.

Step 6: Now, locate the “MT6580_Android_Scatter.txt” file, which is on your desktop, also endeavor to click on the “Format All + Download” option just as circled in the image below.

Full Guide On How To Unbrick a Bricked Tecno W4

Step 7: After that, click download to begin flashing process, as circled in the image below.

Step 8: Immediately, connect your device to your computer via USB cable, and press Volume Down or up key, so it would be detected easily by your computer.

Step 9: The Flashing process would be in progress, and a Green button would appear once the process is completed.

Full Guide On How To Unbrick a Bricked Tecno W4

This is how to unbrick and flash stock rom on Tecno W4 Android smartphone, if you encounter any problems doing this always use of comments box below.

How to Resurrect Your Completely Dead Tecno Camon C8

Most of us, especially beta testers, are into frequent upgrading & downgrading of roms. But what if you mistakenly shifted your laptop or cable & your phone refuses to respond at all? It happened to me so, I deviced this method to unbrick my prestigious Camon C8, it will surely work for every other MTK device.

From my research, discovery and knowledge, the problem is that the preloader is corrupt.

The duty of the preloader is to ensure that your computer recognizes and connects with the phone.

Recommend; how to upgrade camon c8 to marshmallow

If flashing is interrupted, the preloader gets corrupt and you'll have to fix it by flashing an original untouched ROM.

See also ; Tecno camon c9 device specifications)


1. Your bricked device - Tecno Camon C8 in this case.

2. Know your phone variant.

3. Latest SP flash Tools v5.1620

for Linux here


1. If you don't know your variant, download these two roms:ROM (Variant 1) and ROM (Variant 2). The first ROM worked for me.

2. Get the latest version of SP Flash tool v5.1620

3. Flash the ROM and tick everything including Preloader (Format All + Download).

See also; download all Tecno custom roms and firmwares

4. Click Download then connect the phone to start flashing.

5. After flashing complete don't switch on the phone yet, repeat the same procedure without ticking Preloader (Download Only).

6. After completing, try switch on the phone, if it does not come up, repeat steps 3 and 4 using the second ROM.

7. After this is done, try switching on the phone, it should now start up.

It worked for me before, it may work for you, just give it a try.

Your feedbacks, suggestions and comments are most welcome!

Tecno (Chinese mobile phone company) explains why it only does business in Africa

China-based mobile phone manufacturer, Tecno Telecom Limited, exclusively does business in Africa. years back, the company released the first ‘made in Ethiopia’ smartphone. Tecno vice president, Arif Chowdhury was in Nairobi recently and told How we made it in Africa’s Dinfin Mulupi about the firm’s expansion strategy and its plans to move all of its manufacturing to Africa.

Tecno lunched it's camon c9 early this month
How and why did Tecno enter the African market?
The company started in 2006 in Hong Kong with our first research and development centre in Shanghai, China. For two years, our business focused on the South Asia market. After studying the markets in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, we found out that Africa would be the most lucrative market for us. We began operations here in 2008 before eventually stopping our business in Asia to exclusively focus on Africa.
Today, Tecno does business in Africa only. We want to be the mobile king of Africa. The continent receives a lot of imports but the products are not always modelled to fit demand here. We ensure our products meet the local demand because they are solely produced for the African market. We are present in 12 countries in East, West and Central Africa where we currently control an average of 20% market share in each of the countries. This year we are going to explore the Southern and Northern Africa markets starting with South Africa and Egypt. We are also going to strengthen relations with technology giants both in manufacturing and service provision to ensure quality in products and customer experience. We have no option but to have the best products. You can’t be a failure in Africa and go somewhere else. We have to make it here.
The African mobile market is dominated by global giants.  How do you intend to become king
Even Tecno is a giant. We fight with them with more localisation and customisation of devices. We are very focused on each of the countries we do business in and their demands. With the right product and communication you can compete with them. The competition is good because it forces all players to bring better devices, better features and better prices. This is the 21st century, anybody and everybody has a chance to make it. Creativity and innovation are, however, important. It is also important to know that just because a firm is successful in Europe does not mean they are guaranteed success in every other market. The question is: what value are they adding to this particular market?
Explain some of the trends you are seeing in Africa’s mobile market
The smartphone is the mobile device to watch this year. The prices are coming down and the sales volumes will increase. This is driving mobile internet access, which then opens up a lot of doors for innovation in that space. Studies indicate that most people now access the internet through their mobile phones as opposed to PCs. We are launching more internet series mobile phones to serve the growing demand. Our research from years back shows that the buyers of Tecno phones are mostly the youth and we have decided to [focus] on this market of people aged 17 to 35. The young people want to be unique. They want unique features that allow them to play and chat.
Tecno released the first ‘made in Ethiopia’ smartphone last year. Are there any plans to roll out plants in other African countries?
We are proud to say that some of the Tecno phones are already ‘made in Africa’. We started a plant in Addis Ababa two year ago and it is doing well so far. We chose Ethiopiabecause it is unique, looking at it from a strategic point of view. We found Ethiopia’s duty structure to be more attractive. We eventually plan to move our entire production to Africa since this is the only market we serve. We will start with establishing manufacturing plants in Kenya and Nigeria. This will depend highly on a lot of factors like the customs structure and government support we receive.
Some African countries are now past 100% mobile penetration. Are you expecting the mobile devices market to start shrinking?
For the next five to 10 years, we expect Africa to remain the fastest growing market in the world. For the countries that are past 100% penetration, there is still a market for phone replacement. Most countries are, however, still behind in terms of penetration and we therefore expect new subscribers there. We are confident that the market is still huge, and it will be so for the next couple of years.
What challenges do you face?
This is the fastest moving industry. A day in the mobile industry is like a week or month in other industries. We have to constantly launch new products and improve quality and service. The competition here is fierce. The counterfeit phones are also a challenge.
Describe the experience you have had while doing business in Africa.
People who have not visited Africa have the wrong perception of the continent. The challenges are not as bad as the media makes it appear. If you are sincere with the people, they will support you. No other part in the world has as much resources as Africa.

How to Install CWM recovery Image on all Tecno smartphones

Clockworkmod is a very useful tools in terms of bricked android device and serves as a category of custom roms which helps in the unbricking of bricked android phones or serves as better alternatives to stock android recovery. However, the main purpose of CWM recovery is that, it helps you to easily recovery your device once it gets bricked or spoiled and needs to be flashed, in the sense that, it retains device backup. So every android phone user is required to install cwm recovery before it gets 

How to manually create / flash Clockworkmod to an MTK phone

I would brief you guys on how to install CWM recovery Image on all Tecno smartphones

cwm logo tecno mobiles

How to Install CWM recovery Image on all Tecno smartphones

Step 1: First download recovery tools- Flasher 

Step 2: Then Download CWM recovery image for your tecno device from the links below:

  1. Tecno Q1
  2. Tecno S7
  3. Tecno P9
  4. Tecno M9
  5. Tecno H5
  6. Tecno N9
  7. Tecno D3
  8. Tecno D5
  9. Tecno F7
  10. Tecno M3
  11. Tecno S3
  12. Tecno P5
  13. Tecno L3
  14. Tecno M5
  15. Tecno M7
  16. Tecno H7
  17. Tecno M6  
  18. Tecno R7
  19. Tecno N7
  20. Tecno M9 (A3)
  21. Tecno L6
  22. Tecno F5
  23. Tecno G9
  24. Tecno Boom J7 
  25. Tecno Phantom Z (A7)

Once you've downloaded the recovery image from the link above, then transfer directly to your MicroSD card root.

NB: Do not transfer inside any folder, transfer in the root of the memory card.

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Step 3: Then install and Launch the recovery tools - Flasher and grant it users privilege when prompted and also ensure your phone is rooted.

Step 4: Select, I know the risk option, then select other recovery option.

Step 5: Navigate and select the ClockworkMod recovery image you copied to your SD card root then tap ''Yes'', please.

Step 6
.After the above procedur, You'll see Recovery Flashed, reboot into recovery? select Yes please. You should now see CWM recovery instead of the stock recovery

Step 7: Move to Backup and restore, then backup your current ROM

Congratulations, your CWM recovery image is successfully installed.

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Hope this helps! More recovery image for other Non-listed tecno smartphone would be updated here. So stay tuned

How to Install BlissPOP ROM on Tecno Phantom Z & Z Mini

BlissPOP ROM is one of the best custom roms for Tecno smartphones. This ROM is known to be the Emperor of all Lollipop based ROMs because of its simplicity and elegant design. The ROM comes with high customization and works perfectly on MT6592 devices running on android kitkat, like Tecno Phantom Z and Phantom Z mini. However, in this custom rom, all bugs fixed and improved battery saver mode.

Therefore: for those searching for...
  • Tecno phantom z lollipop update
  • Tecno phantom z stock rom
  • Tecno phantom z custom rom
  • Tecno phantom z stock rom download 
  • Tecno ptm-z- mini firmware
  • Tecno phantom z mini stock rom
  • Phantom z lollipop rom
  • Phantom z mini rom
  • Blisspop 6.0
  • Blisspop marshmallow
  • Blisspop rom
  • Blisspop rom 
  • Bliss roms

Here's a good news, The answers to the above queries are all here In this guide, I would walk you through the process on how to install BlissPOP rom on Tecno Phantom Z & Z Mini devices.

Blisspop roms for phantom z and z mini

Before you proceed to install this rom, make sure that your device is rooted with cwm recovery being installed, if not, root your Tecno phones here, and install cwm recovery here.

How to Install BlissPOP ROM on Tecno Phantom Z & Z Mini

Step 1: Enable USB debugging on tecno device, simply go to settings >> Developers option. If the developers option isn’t visible on your device, simple go to “About Phone” under settings, then scroll to “Build number” and tap up to seven times to make the developers option visible.

Step 2: After that, download BlissPOP rom from here and also download fixed sms bug patches here, move the downloaded files to the internal storage of your Tecno device.

Before you proceed, you've to make the downloaded ROM flashable. Read this guide here.

Step 3: Now, switch off your device and boot to recovery mode (press and hold Volume Down button + press Power button).

Step 4: Once you get to the recovery mode, simply perform a full system wipe (Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache/ART cache from advanced section).

Step 5: After that, go to the recover main menu, then select install , then select the BlissPOP rom Zip file and install immediately. Do same for fixed bug sms patches.

Now that you know it, please share.

Download GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp program 4.70 - experience whatsapp with exciting features

The Gbwhatsapp will help you to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on one cell phone, its also super customizable plus so many additional features.
 The GBWhatsApp version 4.70 has been manufactured from the most recent stable variant of WhatsApp.

      Already Existing Key Features of GBwhatsapp

Download GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp program 4.70

software + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp
Amendment breathe breeze Omar

What is GBWhatsApp?

3 is a copy, a copy instead of proving Alwats official copy to run second account and a copy to run third account is based on the latest version of the application Watts August 2.16.133 and supports all Android devices in addition to other features.

What features + GBWhatsApp & whatsApp?

* The possibility of hiding to appear
* privacy options
* the possibility to distinguish between collective messages and regular
* possibility of a lock for Watts in August password
* the possibility of sending a group of 600 people amessage at once
* the possibility of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* ​​the possibility of sending 90 image at once None of the 10
* possibility of a case of the number of dependentcharacters 250 instead of 139 symbols
* the possibility of pressure on the links without storing the message sender or the number of theowner
* counter statistics for groups
* media preview without loading
* the possibility to hide the name and the date when copying two or more
* the possibility of copying case
* the possibility of changing the form of theprogram, and change the program icon and notices
* and many more features.

What's New in 4.70 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp?

* Update to version 2.16.133 Almarki
* adjusted 6.10 option , you can now choose theprogram name on the home screen
* Added 02/01/49 02/01/52's options to control thecolor of quoted messages
* fix a problem sending videos
* Fixed a problem with the video Cut
* Fixed a problem opening the lock when a reply alerts
* repair translator Turkish language
* fix other problems

Activation method?
* Put your number + activation
Download GBWhatsApp to run second No. supportsKnott 4-5 & S5 - 6 - 7 all devices

Also read; How to properly charge a phone’s battery: stop charging from zero to 100%

                Download Gbwhatsapp 4.70

Download Watts August Plus + WhatsApp prove instead Alwats official 

What's New in 4.65 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp?

* Update to version 2.16.95 Almarki
* the possibility of sending a collective message to 600 people at once
* Pat able to answer any specific message in thechat was. Just long press on any message and then clicking on the post at the top of the screen icon.You can also click on the message quoted to return to the original message that was borrowed.
* Add option No. 9 to change the language of theprogram
* Repair emergence Gary initialization when you open the program
* Re icon Show message information
* Repair does not appear quoted messages
* fix many problems

Activation method?
* Put your number + activation
Download GBWhatsApp to run second No. supportsKnott 4-5 & S 5-6 and all devices

                  Download Gbwhatsapp 4.65

Note: Try to Download Below Two Versions of GB Whatsapp if Error Occurred  While Install

Kindly share .....

How To Fix An Android Phone That Won’t Charge/Discharges

Generally, Android phones are known for long-lasting battery capacity irrespective of how many processes you are running at the same time, the battery life shouldn’t be an issue. But it could be really confusing when you discover your android phone is not charging when connected to your charger and some times  your battery percentage to remain at the same level for hours or in fact drop steadily.
The problem occurs in various ways, either your phone won’t charge when it is plugged in, or it only charges very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging). It’s a very common complaint, and I recently encountered this issue with my Phantom Z

See: How to properly charge a phone’s battery: stop charging from zero to 100%
Am very certain you must have thought of “Why is my Android phone not charging or discharging despite being connected to a power source?”

How To Fix An Android Phone That Won’t Charge/Discharges

Lets see the obvious reasons below:
  • Insufficient power source: If you’re charging using a PC (via USB cord) or from a faulty power source then this is possible.
  • Bad USB port: A loose, cracked or broken phone USB port could be a cause.
  • Bad charger: If the charger is faulty or not powerful enough then you can expect something like this
  • ROM Issues: If you flashed a custom ROM / Firmware upgrade with power efficiency bugs then you have another possible reason.
  • Heavy Usage During Charging: If you’re running processor / battery intensive processes during charging then you have another possible cause
  • Bad battery: Some batteries have problems retaining charge after extensive use.
Some of you may have suffered from a phone that won’t charge properly and probably rushed out to buy a new charger to fix it, well, you are wrong. What if the issue isn’t the charger? and the actual issue is your phone battery.
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How To Fix An Android Phone That Won’t Charge/Discharges
Below are 100% tested and trusted ways based on my experience and am very certain it would work for you. Lets Get Started:
When you notice your android phone is not charging even though it’s plugged to power source, first action is to:
  • Make sure the USB jack and USB port are making firm contact
  • Switch Usb cable and try charging it again.
  • Try a different battery
  • Try a different charger
  • Consider changing the USB port if it looks loose, cracked or damaged in any way
  • Try a different power source
  • Flash the stock ROM back to the phone
  • Consider using an external (like desktop) charger to be sure the battery is working.
NOTE: You don’t just rush to buy anything without being 100% certain you need to, so you don’t waste your money and time.

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How To Care for Android Battery life And prevent Future Occurrence
  • Avoid over-charging your device: Once your battery is full please remove it from power source. Over charging kills your battery cells.
  • Avoid charging your device using a PC or low power source.
  • Employ good battery management practices
  • Do not rotate the USB jack during charging or force it into the USB port.
I hope after reading the above article, you would treat your battery with care and wait and find out the actual reason before jumping to buy accessories to get it fixed.
Kindly drop your comments below. Thanks
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