T-Mobile Insurance Claim

File insurance claim to replace your T-Mobile phone. Learn how to file and track your T-Mobile insurance claim to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged phone, tablet, or other device

T-Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

This article covers detailed information on T-Mobile Insurance claim and how to File insurance claim to  replace your lost, stolen, or damaged phones. Also detail information on other mobile insurance provides to help you insure you cell phone.

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Before T-Mobile Claim

Check that you have insurance.

Filing an insurance claim for device replacement, your device must be enrolled in t-mobile Insurance, Mobile Protection Pack, or Multi-Device Protection Pack. Using your tablet or PC
File insurance claim to replace mobile device

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Questions on Premium Handset Protection

How do I file T-Mobile claim?

Customers enrolled after 7/14/2013 may file a claim online or call 1-866-866-6285. Customers enrolled before 7/14/2013 may file a claim online or call 1-866-268-7221.

 T-Mobile Insurance Claim Requirements

These cover the basic requirements needed to make a successful claim:

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  •      Make/model of the damaged, lost or stolen equipment
  •      Date the device was lost, stolen or damaged
  •      Credit card number or bank account number paying for the deductible
  •      Shipping address for replacement

I already purchased my phone from T-Mobile. Can I still get insurance?

If you purchased your phone or device within the past 14 days, call T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 to see if you’re eligible to add PHP.

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