Asurion Phone Insurance

This article covers detailed guide on asurion phone insurance services, starting from asurion insurance coverage, to filling asurion phone claim.

Asurion insurance offers insurance coverage to over 280 million customers in 18 countries through partnerships with wireless carriers including Cricket, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T Mobility. Asurion operates about 25 customer contact centers mainly in the US but also in Canada, the UK, and Asia. It services ranges from insurance for iPhone and Android devices, to warranties for TVs, laptops, tablets, appliances, and even your favorite gaming system.

Asurion Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

There are a lot of questions to consider when going for mobile phone insurance
  • “ Do I need mobile phone protection? ”
  • “ Are cell phone insurance plans worth it? ”
As with many types of insurance, mobile protection has its naysayers—those who believe that protecting your phone in the event of loss, theft or damage is a waste of money.
Therefore, before taking any decision, make sure you know the facts.

Why Asurion's Mobile Insurance Plan?

Asurion promises to offer the following benefits to customer under their insurance programe
  • Peace of mind, and a whole lot more.
  • Save money
  • Next-day replacement
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Easy claims

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    How to enroll for Asurion insurance coverage

    To enroll for asurion phone insurance you need to check if you are eligible.
    To check, call or visit your wireless provider to see if you are eligible. As you are only eligible to enroll if you are within 30 days of activating or upgrading your device.

    Eligible devices for coverage

    The list of Asurion covered devices depends on your wireless provider’s specific cellular phone insurance program. Examples of eligible devices are phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks/notebooks, Laptop Connect Cards (data cards and Mi-Fi devices).
    Note after enrollment, there is no waiting period before filing a claim.

    How to file Asurion insurance claim

    Read more about how to file a claim with Asurion’s mobile insurance. To get started, click here and select your carrier. Be sure to have the make and model of your device available, and have a method of payment for your deductible on hand. After you submit your claim, you should receive an email with tracking and shipping information.

    Asurion Insurance deductible

    Asurion, requires that you pay a deductible at the time a claim is filed. Although most cases the deductible is far less than the full retail price that you would pay for a new smartphone outside of contract renewal.
    Asurion insurance deductible is required to complete your claim and ship your device.

    Asurion Phone Replacement

    According to asurion most of replacement devices ship next business day, from the time your claim is approved.

    How to file asurion insurance claim

    In our next article will elaborate on how to file a claim for asurion phone insurance

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